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Every effort is made to provide complete and continually updated news and information here on Elvis.Com. However, if what you want to know is not on the site or you cannot find it there, or if you have any questions or comments about anything, we invite you to contact Graceland/Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. (EPE).

Phone Numbers

Tour Reservations and General Information:
(901) 332-3322
800-238-2000, Toll-free in North America

Graceland/EPE Corporate Offices:
(901) 332-3322 or (901) 332-3329
800-238-2010, Toll-free in North America

(201) 601-4272 Press '0' for Customer Service
(888) 822-3584, Toll-free in North America

All these numbers work for all departments and persons at Graceland/EPE.

All-Purpose E-Mail Address
If you have any doubts about which department should receive your inquiry or comment, please use this address. Our central operator at the Memphis offices of EPE reads the messages and routes them to the particular department or person they should go to. Better to use this address than to guess, as it saves the bouncing about of messages and the delays in response that can happen when a message starts out in the wrong department. Mail sent to this address can reach any department or person at Graceland/EPE.

Department E-Mail Addresses

If you feel certain or fairly confident, via the information below, which department should receive your inquiry, then using specific departmental addresses is the way to go.

For companies that wish to develop products or events using the trademarked name, image or likeness of Elvis Presley or any of our other trademarks. Also see the Licensing section of
To report any suspected trademark infringements.
For companies that wish to develop television, print, radio, online or other types of advertisements using Elvis Presley's trademarked name, image or likeness, including possible use of Elvis footage, recordings, photographs or other intellectual properties. Also for producers of films, television series and stage shows seeking permission for a depiction of Elvis, or use of Elvis footage, recordings, photographs or other intellectual properties in such a production or its promotion.
For companies seeking use of photographs from EPE's photography archive, companies or persons wishing to sell photography collections to EPE, and to in inquire about all matters pertaining to photography rights. The photography department will do special research in our image database for particular requests as appropriate. Many requests are fulfilled via the Stock Photography feature in the Corporate section of Note: All inquiries from news, documentary, travel and entertainment media go through the media office ( first and all photo requests that are part of an advertising or entertainment licensing request go through the music and entertainment licensing staff in the Los Angeles office ( first.

Graceland Tours & Heartbreak Hotel
Once you have checked out all the information in the Heartbreak Hotel section of our site, this is the address for any questions you still have about Heartbreak Hotel and to make reservations.
Once you have checked out all the information in the Graceland Tours section of our site, this is the address for any questions you still have about our tours and to make reservations. You also might want to check out the Visiting Memphis section of our site and the Memphis Convention & Visitors Bureau site for information about area attractions and hotels.
If you are a travel planner, tour bus operator or anyone wanting to book a Graceland tour or rooms at Heartbreak Hotel for a group of fifteen (15) or more persons, use this address to reach our group sales staff.

Marketing & Promotion
For companies soliciting advertising from EPE or seeking to collaborate on promotions, sponsorships and general marketing matters. Also for users of the all new, FREE, ELVIS Mobile 2.0 iPhone app regarding app issues, general feedback, or feature enhancement requests.

Fan Clubs and Annual Elvis Events
For Elvis fan club leaders and members in their club-related and general communication with EPE and for inquiries from anyone about Elvis Week, Elvis Birthday Celebration and Christmas at Graceland events, or about joining one of the hundreds of independent Elvis Fan Clubs around the world.

Elvis Insiders
The address for communication regarding your existing or potential membership in The Elvis Insiders. Elvis Insiders get to know Elvis better than anyone with access to rarely seen photos, Graceland artifacts, video clips, discounts, and even a private WebCam with a view looking out Elvis's bedroom window. To join go to or call 1-866-372-2582.

News & Entertainment Media
For producers, reporters, writers and other representatives of all forms of news, documentary, travel and entertainment media to contact EPE for interviews, property access, footage /image requests, fact-checking and research, and general assistance with print and electronic news and entertainment programming.

Please visit our media website for more information about Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. and Graceland. If you are interested in discussing a project, please fill out the Media Request Form.


Our online store ShopElvis.Com is administered for us by an outside company. Please see the customer service me for inquiries about any orders you have placed through Shop Elvis.
For inquiries about merchandise you are looking for but do not see in Shop Elvis and for any customer service issues you might have with ShopElvis.Com that you feel require assistance from the Graceland/EPE merchandise department staff.

Your Special Event or Wedding at Graceland
For inquiries about holding a wedding, a party or other private event at Graceland. See Private Event Bookings here on for details.

For inquiries about employment that are not covered here on Hiring for all jobs in all departments of Graceland/Elvis Presley Enterprises and Hearbreak Hotel is handled by the Human Resources Department. To learn about currently available positions, benefits and more, and to obtain a job application, go to the Employment Opportunities page in the About Us section of the site.

Elvis Research
First, please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and All About Elvis sections of If your inquiry is not answered on our site, then use this address for research questions about Elvis's life and career, about Elvis artifacts and memorabilia, and other types of historical information. Note: All research inquiries from news and entertainment media go through the media office first.

For technical support regarding the use and operation of any aspects of our site. Also for companies wishing to reach EPE with information about their services to operators of Web sites.


All persons and departments at Graceland/Elvis Presley Enterprises can be reached through the following mailing address, street address and phone numbers:

Graceland/Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc.
P.O. Box 16508
Memphis, TN 38186-0508

Graceland/Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc.
3734 Elvis Presley Boulevard
Memphis, TN 38116