MIFA & Presley Place

Presley PlaceMIFA Housing Opportunities and the Life Skills Institute provide down-and-out families a chance to regain their footing through education and housing at residences like Presley Place.

Presley Place is a 12-unit housing community constructed in 2001 and funded by Elvis Presley Charitable Foundation. In the same way that Lauderdale Courts provided low-income, transitional housing for families like the Presleys, Presley Place shelters homeless families until they can make it on their own.

MIFA Housing Opportunities is a comprehensive, transitional housing program for homeless families. Residents may remain in the program for a year, during which they must work and attend Life Skills classes. In these classes, parents learn about money management, responsible parenting, health and wellness, career development, and home ownership. Children’s classes foster creative expression, culinary knowledge, social skills, and self-respect.

Presley Place Update

July 9, 2010
Presley PlaceNine years ago this month, Presley Place opened its doors to homeless families in need of a new start.

The construction of this 12-unit housing community was generously funded by Elvis Presley Charitable Foundation and has been home to 190 adults and more than 300 children since the summer of 2001. But Presley Place is more than a shelter – it’s part of MIFA Housing Opportunities, a transitional housing program which provides comprehensive life skills education to its clients, along with case management, mentoring, and guidance for all ages.

Three recent Presley Place residents, through exemplary performance as tenants and model behavior to encourage their peers, were selected as resident managers by MIFA housing staff. As resident managers, they may continue living in MIFA housing rent-free for up to two years, while monitoring properties for rule violations, providing emergency assistance to clients, and serving as liaisons between clients and program staff.

Current Presley Place resident Alex Clayborn said, “MIFA has taught me that there are people who actually care about taking care of others and looking out for their well-being while teaching them to do things differently.” Alex, his wife Tiffany, and their infant son have high hopes for their future. Tiffany predicts that they will succeed financially and spiritually, and she said, “MIFA has been a beautiful blessing to me and my family.”

For more information on MIFA Housing Opportunities and Presley Place, please visit mifa.org.

MIFA (Metropolitan Inter-Faith Association) was founded in 1968 and works to unite our diverse community to address the challenges of poverty. Its mission is to engage the community to sustain the independence of seniors, transform the lives of families in crisis, and equip teens for success.

MIFA/Presley Place
MIFA Presley Place Residents Tiffany and Alex Clayborn Set Their Sights on Success

Tiffany and Alex Clayborn live at MIFA’s Presley Place with their infant son. They both plan to pursue artistic careers and believe their life after MIFA will be positive. “We came here so we could become well-rounded and make a better life for ourselves,” says Tiffany. “MIFA has been a beautiful blessing to me and my family. It has taught us to be better parents.” Alex says MIFA has renewed his faith in people. “I’ve learned that there are people who actually care about taking care of others,” he says. “In addition to appreciating my own success in the future, I will strive to eliminate negativity in Memphis.”