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Security Senior Lead

Deadline: 8/2/2013

Job Description:

This is a full time position located in the Security Department at Graceland with variable/flexible days and hours to include weekends, holidays, evenings and overtime as required. This is an internal/external recruitment.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Supervise activities of security guards including assignment and review of work; assignment of work schedules and alternate work schedules; act as a resource and backup for all functions and tasks; observe area for safety and security violations; greet guests, refer guests to appropriate area, and answer questions in a professional and knowledgeable manner; maintain a safe and secure work place; report any damages or necessary repairs to be made to the Security Manager; administer and assist with First Aid when required; escort employees during the transit of money to various locations; write reports of various types as required; observe areas and maintain crowd control as needed; observe CCTV monitors for suspicious activity and for control of secured areas; monitor alarms; rotate to other security positions if required; other duties as required..

REQUIRED SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE AND ABILITIES: Skill in speaking with persons of various social, cultural, economic and educational backgrounds; ability to listen and observe in order to meet the varying needs of guest and property; ability to handle complaints and refer to the appropriate persons when necessary; ability to work quickly and accurately under constant pressure of often conflicting deadlines and numerous interruptions; ability to maintain objectivity and confidentiality; ability to respond to emergency situations in a timely and professional manner; demonstrated background in security leadership role; ability to use a portable radio; must be able to travel to other locations/properties as required; ability to handle cash.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Ability to stand, sit, and walk for long periods of time; ability to stoop, reach and lift boxes weighing up to 50 lbs.; ability to climb stairs; ability to speak clearly and distinctly; must be able to work outside in all types of weather; ability to react in emergency situations.

SPECIAL CONDITIONS: Uniform is required; must be Tennessee certified; ability to use a portable radio; CPR certification is preferred; must have knowledge of First Aid; must have a valid driver’s license.

CONDTIONS OF EMPLOYMENT: Work variable/flexible hours, days, evenings, weekends and overtime as required.