1935-1957: Page 6

January 6, 1957
Elvis makes his third and final appearance on “The Ed Sullivan Show.” It is for this appearance, that Elvis is seen only from the waist up. It’s funny that after all of his television appearances the previous year, such censorship comes at this time. It is particularly amusing that this guideline remains in place during Elvis’ performance of the gospel standard, “Peace in the Valley,” one of five songs he performs on this Sullivan appearance. Ed Sullivan himself helps diffuse some of the controversy surrounding Elvis when he comes out on stage to thank Elvis and tells the studio audience and millions of American television viewers that “this is a decent, fine boy” and what a delight he has been to work with when appearing on the show. Ed Sullivan is the most influential person on television and one of the most powerful people in the television industry at the time. Personal appearances, recording sessions, record releases, controversy and publicity continue.

January 1957
Elvis begins production of his second movie, “Loving You.” Elvis also begins dying his hair black.

February 3, 1957Elvis at Graceland
The New York Times runs a story entitled, "Presley Records a Craze in Soviet Union." Elvis records are not legally available in the Soviet Union. The article tells of bootleg recordings being cut on discarded X-ray plates and being sold in Leningrad on the black market for fifty rubles (about twelve and a half dollars) each, a lot of money at the time.

March 1957
Elvis buys Graceland Mansion for himself, his parents, and his paternal grandmother to live in for $102,500. It will be ready for them to move into on May 16th, 1957. Elvis doesn't spend his first night in Graceland until June 26th, 1957.

April 1957
While touring with his show, Elvis performs outside the U.S. for the first time when he appears in Canada. Two shows are in Toronto on April 2 and two shows are in Ottawa on April 3.

May 1957
Elvis begins work on his third motion picture, “Jailhouse Rock,” for MGM.

July 9, 1957
Elvis' second motion picture, “Loving You,” premieres in Memphis. It opens nationwide on July 30 and is on the Variety’s National Box Office Survey for four weeks, peaking at #7. Elvis skips the premiere, but take Anita and his parents to see a private midnight screening. Hit records include the title song and the classic smash "Teddy Bear." Traveling, touring, record releases and personal appearances continue.

August 31, 1957
Elvis performs in Vancouver. This is the third Canadian city he has performed in and marks the last time he will perform a concert outside the United States.

September 27, 1957
Elvis returns once more to the town of his birth to perform. This time it is a benefit for the proposed Elvis Presley Youth Recreation Center in Tupelo, Mississippi. The grounds include Elvis’ birthplace home. He will donate regularly to the center for the rest of his life.
Elvis in Jailhouse Rock
October 17, 1957
“Jailhouse Rock,” Elvis’ third motion picture, premieres in Memphis. “Jailhouse Rock” opens nationally on November 8 and peaks at #3. It ends up being #14 for the year. By 1969, its earnings in the U.S. and Canada were roughly comparable with those of “The Wizard of Oz.” The title song is a smash hit. Years later, this film will be considered one of Elvis’ best acting performances, surpassed only by “King Creole,” which is to follow in 1958. “Jailhouse Rock” will come to be considered the ultimate classic of all “rock opera” movies. The "Jailhouse Rock" production number in the film is to be recognized as the grandfather of pop/rock music videos, a music format to become widely popular by the 1980’s.

November 10 – 11, 1957
Elvis performs shows in Hawaii for the first time. This would also be his last public appearance before entering the Army.

December 1957
Elvis and family enjoy their first Christmas at Graceland. Elvis also officially receives his draft notice, a day he has known would be coming soon.