1958-1965: Page 1

Late January- Early March 1958
Elvis films and records for his fourth motion picture, "King Creole."

March 24, 1958
Elvis Presley is inducted into the U.S. Army at the Memphis Draft Board and is assigned serial number 53310761.

March 25, 1958
Elvis gets his famous G.I. haircut at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas.

March 28, 1958
Elvis arrives at Fort Hood, Texas, for basic training and is stationed there for six months.

June 10, 1958
After basic training, while on his first leave, Elvis has a recording session. This is his last recording session until 1960. Among the songs recorded is "A Big Hunk O' Love."

June 20, 1958
Elvis' parents soon move into a temporary trailer near the Army base at Fort Hood, Texas. They move into a house on July 1.

July 2, 1958
“King Creole,” Elvis’ fourth motion picture opens nationally and the reviews are the best he will ever have for his acting. Its impressive list of co-stars and supporting cast includes Carolyn Jones, Walter Matthau, Dean Jagger and Vic Morrow. It becomes a top five film at the box office. The movie is set in New Orleans and based upon the Harold Robbins novel, "A Stone for Danny Fisher." The film will come to be regarded as Elvis’ finest film, his greatest acting performance, and proof of his potential to have become a respected serious actor, though the realization of this desire will remain forever out of his grasp.

August 8, 1958
Gladys Presley becomes ill and returns to Memphis via train to be hospitalized with acute hepatitis. Elvis is granted emergency leave and arrives in Memphis on the afternoon of August 12. He visits her that night, and the next day and night. A few hours after Elvis goes home to Graceland to rest, she dies in the early hours of August 14 at age 46. Her body lies in state at Graceland that afternoon. Services are at the Memphis Funeral Home on the 15, with the Blackwood Brothers singing "Precious Memories" and "Rock of Ages," two of Gladys Presley’s favorite hymns. She is laid to rest at Forest Hill Cemetery, a few miles down the road from Graceland. Elvis is devastated.

August 24, 1958
Elvis reports back to Fort Hood.
Elvis in Army
September/October 1958
Elvis boards a troop train to New York on September 19, and then later boards the USS Randall and sails to Germany, arriving on October 1. He will be stationed in Friedberg for 18 months, maintaining an off-base residence in Bad Nauheim, shared with his father, grandmother and some friends from Memphis. He finds the fans in Europe to be as enthusiastic as those in the U.S.

January 8, 1959
Elvis is interviewed off-camera via trans-Atlantic telephone by Dick Clark on “American Bandstand” on ABC-TV. The show commemorates the star’s 24th birthday. Later in January, the family moves from a hotel to a rented house. Also, Elvis poses with actress Vera Tschechowa and the March of Dimes poster child. Colonel Parker continues to keep Elvis’ career alive with promotions and hit record releases.

March 3 – 5, 1959
On a three-day leave, Elvis travels to Munich where he visits actress Vera Tschechow and the Moulin Rouge.

June 13 – 27, 1959
Elvis visits Paris and Munich.  

August 15, 1959
Captain Joseph Beaulieu moves from Texas to Weisbaden Air Force Base near Friedberg, Germany, accompanied by his wife and children, including his 14 year-old stepdaughter, Priscilla Ann. Priscilla is the only child from Ann Beaulieu’s marriage to her first husband, James Wagner, a Navy pilot who was killed in a plane crash when Priscilla was an infant.

September 13, 1959
Through a mutual friend, Priscilla is invited to a party at Elvis’ home soon after her arrival in Germany. They meet and the rest is history.