January 1966
MGM extends Elvis’ contract for four more movies. Plans are made to add onto the house what is now known as the trophy room to accommodate Elvis’ slot-car tracks. On January 22, 1966, Elvis and Priscilla, along with their friends, build a huge snowman on the front lawn.
Elvis in Spinout
February - April 1966
Elvis records the soundtrack music and shoots his 22nd motion picture, “Spinout,” co-starring Shelley Fabares. Elvis has a renewed interest in music which prompts him to buy a great deal of new equipment and spend his free time working on music at home with Red and Charlie. He is especially interested in folk music. Elvis has also purchased a Greyhound bus that is now being customized by George Barris.

March 30, 1966
“Frankie and Johnny” opens nationally and doesn’t do particularly well. The soundtrack album goes to #20.

May 25, 1966
Elvis meets his new record producer Felton Jarvis and begins working on what will become the album “How Great Thou Art.” Also during this session, he is especially enthusiastic about working with one of his mentors Jake Hess and his group The Imperials.

June - September 1966
Elvis does soundtrack recording and shooting for “Double Trouble.”

July 6, 1966
“Paradise, Hawaiian Style” is released. It lands at #40 for the year. The soundtrack album peaks at #15, while the single "Love Letter" makes it to #19 on the charts.

July 12, 1966
Colonel Parker turns down a Japanese movie deal saying that Elvis is booked through 1969.

August 30, 1966
Deciding not to wait until the end of 1967, RCA goes ahead and picks up its option to extend Elvis’ contract until 1974.
Elvis in Easy Come, Easy Go
September - November 1966
Elvis does soundtrack recording and filming for “Easy Come, Easy Go.”

September 21, 1966
Elvis signs a lease on a Palm Springs house at 1350 Ladera Circle.

November 23, 1966
“Spinout” opens nationally and is #57 for the year. The soundtrack album goes to #18. Elvis is the 10th highest paid star for the year.

December 1966
Elvis’ interest in horses becomes serious by December 5 and he purchases riding clothing and equipment. On December 20, he buys Priscilla a horse for Christmas. He also formally proposes marriage just before Christmas, presenting her with a ring.

February 8, 1967
Elvis buys a 163-acre ranch in Mississippi, minutes across the Tennessee state line from Graceland for $437,000. Elvis, his entourage and their wives have become interested in horseback riding after Elvis purchased a horse for Priscilla as a gift. The hobby has outgrown the pasture at Graceland. Over the months to come, Elvis and the gang enjoy spending a lot of time at the Circle G. It becomes a happy diversion for Elvis as his frustration and unhappiness over the state of his career reaches its height.

RCA releases Elvis’ second gospel album, “How Great Thou Art,” which was recorded in mid-1966. It gets very good reviews and goes on to earn Elvis the Grammy Award for Best Sacred Performance from the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences. This is the first of his three Grammy wins.

March 22, 1967
“Easy Come, Easy Go” opens nationally and is #50 for the year.

March – April 1967
Elvis does soundtrack recording and filming for “Clambake.” It is the third of three Elvis movies to co-star Shelley Fabares.

April 5, 1967
“Double Trouble” opens nationally. Although better than some of his recent screen efforts, it is #58 for the year.

April, 12 1967
Ironwork is added to Graceland’s windows and doors. Elvis and Priscilla Wedding

May 1967
On May 1, Elvis and Priscilla are married in a private ceremony amongst a small group of family and friends at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas, just after 11:40 a.m. A press conference and breakfast reception follow. The couple honeymoon for a few days in Palm Springs. Then they return to Memphis.

May 24, 1967
Elvis and Priscilla celebrate her 22nd birthday.

May 29, 1967
Elvis and Priscilla dress in their wedding clothes and have a second wedding reception in the trophy room at Graceland to accommodate family and friends who were not in Las Vegas for the wedding.

June - August 1967
Elvis does soundtrack recording and filming for “Speedway,” co-starring Nancy Sinatra. During the production, news of Priscilla's pregnancy is announced.

September 29, 1967
Memphis Mayor William Ingram and Tennessee Governor Buford Ellington each declare “Elvis Presley Day” in recognition of Elvis' many charitable contributions. Elvis names one of his horses Mare Ingram in the mayor’s honor.

October - November, 1967
Elvis does soundtrack recording and filming for “Stay Away Joe.” In this western-themed comedy, he once again plays a character who is part Native American. It's a real departure from the virtually interchangeable plots and characters in most of the films over the past several grueling years. He has fun with this one.

October 26, 1967
Priscilla and several other wives and girlfriends of the entourage travel to Sedona, Arizona, to visit the set of “Stay Away Joe.”

November 1967
Elvis and Priscilla buy their first home in Beverly Hills at 1174 Hillcrest for $400,000.

November 22, 1967
“Clambake” is released nationally and goes to #15 at the box office. The soundtrack album goes to #40.