1970-1977: Page 1

January/February 1970
Elvis returns to the International Hotel for another month-long engagement. This time, he breaks his own attendance records. One-piece jumpsuits debut and karate moves are now an even bigger part of his stage show. The live album, "On Stage," is recorded in February and will be shipped in June. It will reach #13 on the album chart.
Elvis at Houston Astrodome
February/March 1970
A press conference is held in Houston on the 27th. Elvis performs afternoon and evening shows at the Houston Astrodome. Two more shows follow on both February 28 and March 1. A closing press conference and banquet follow and Elvis is presented an armload of recent gold record awards. The six shows attract 207,494 people and sets records. There is speculation among the press and the public that Elvis might tour in concert for the first time since the fifties.

April 20, 1970
The single “The Wonder of You” is released and hits #9.

June 1970
In Nashville, Elvis records several singles and the material for the albums “Elvis Country” and “Love Letters From Elvis.”

July/September 1970
Elvis returns to Vegas for what the Colonel has now dubbed “The Elvis Presley Summer Festival.” This is another month-long engagement at the International. He opens on August 10 and closes on September 7. MGM is on hand to shoot a documentary film called “Elvis -That’s the Way It Is” that will show Elvis off stage, in rehearsals, in the recording studio, and on stage. RCA will also release an album with the same title.

September 1970
Starting on September 9 through September 14, Elvis takes his show on a nine-city tour. It is a smashing success, the first tour since 1957. MGM films portions of the first show on this tour for use in “Elvis - That’s the Way It Is.”

Elvis has a recording session in Nashville to finish up the albums started in June.

October 9, 1970
Elvis buys his first Stutz Blackhawk, a 1971 model.

October 19, 1970
The first order of 12 TCB necklaces is picked up from Schwartz and Ableser Jewelers in Beverly Hills.

November 11, 1970
“Elvis, That’s The Way It Is,” Elvis' 32nd film, opens in theaters to good reviews and good box office. An album of the same title is released, but only one song, "I Just Can't Help Believin'," is actually from a stage performance included in the film. The other songs are studio recordings, some of which Elvis performs live on stage or in rehearsal footage in the film. The album peaks at #21 on the album chart.

December 4, 1970
Elvis and Priscilla complete the purchase of another home in California at 144 Monovale for $339,000.

December 21, 1970
Elvis’ famous visit with President Richard Nixon at the White House occurs. Today, copies of the photos from that meeting are the most requested documents from our National Archives.

January 16, 1971
Elvis attends a day of functions culminating in an evening awards banquet. He and nine others accept the honor of being named One of the Ten Outstanding Young Men of the Nation by the United States Junior Chamber of Commerce (The Jaycees). He is nervous about his acceptance speech. He is touched, excited and deeply proud. This national honor has been given each year since the late 1930’s and recognizes young men who have made great achievements in their field of endeavor, illustrating the opportunities available in the free enterprise system. It also applauds humanitarianism and community service. Scientists, inventors, performers, film makers, politicians bound for the Presidency, and men of greatness in all fields, have been selected for this award over the years. For Elvis, a man who grew up poor, and, in his early career knew the sting of ridicule from the Establishment, who, through the years has known criticism of his work, this is one of his proudest moments. It is a sign that he has achieved acceptance, recognition, and respect for his work and for the kind of person he is.

Late January/February 1971
Elvis plays another month-long engagement at the International Hotel in Las Vegas.

March 1971
Elvis begins a recording session in Nashville, but cancels it due to pain and inflammation in an eye. He is treated at a Nashville hospital where he is diagnosed with secondary glaucoma.

May 1971
Elvis is featured on the cover of “Look Magazine,” which carries an installment of the forthcoming biography on Elvis by Jerry Hopkins. Many books and articles have been written over the years, but this is the first in-depth, serious biography. The book, “Elvis : A Biography,” will be released in October.

Elvis has recording sessions in Nashville. Much of the work is for his forthcoming album “Elvis Sings the Wonderful World of Christmas.”