1970-1977: Page 2

June 1971
The two-room house Elvis was born in opens to the public for tours in Tupelo. The house was restored by the East Heights Garden Club in Tupelo. Elvis has more recording sessions in Nashville, this time mostly for an upcoming gospel album, “He Touched Me.” In addition, a long stretch of Highway 51 South, part of which runs in front of Graceland, is officially renamed Elvis Presley Boulevard. The first of the new street signs will go up in January of 1972. Various albums and singles continue to be released to various degrees of success during this period.

July/August 1971
Elvis plays a two-week engagement at the Sahara Hotel in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. With this first appearance at the Sahara Tahoe, “2001” will now be Elvis’ entrance theme for his concert shows. He breaks attendance records for this venue.
Elvis Bing Crosby Award
August 9 - September 6, 1971
Elvis plays an engagement in Las Vegas at the International Hotel, which has been renamed the Las Vegas Hilton International Hotel. He sets another attendance record and tops himself once again. During the engagement, an award is presented to Elvis in his dressing room. It is the Bing Crosby Award from the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, the organization that also presents Grammy awards. This award is a special means of recognition from NARAS and is named for its first recipient. The award is not given every year as a rule. It will later be renamed the Lifetime Achievement Award. Elvis is 36 years old.

November 5 - 12, 1971
Elvis goes on a 12-city concert tour. J.D. Sumner and the Stamps Quartet have now replaced The Imperials and Jackie Kahane is now the opening comedian. Elvis now wears matching capes with his jumpsuits.

Late 1971 - Early 1972
Elvis and Priscilla separate. She moves out on her own with Lisa Marie.

January 26 - February 23, 1972
Elvis plays another successful engagement at the Hilton in Vegas.

March/April 1972
In April, MGM films Elvis in a Hollywood recording studio and then on and off stage during his 15-city concert tour. MGM will use the footage for another theatrically released documentary, “Elvis on Tour.” In April, the gospel album “He Touched Me” is released to good reviews. The album will go on to win Elvis his second Grammy Award, this one for the category of Best Inspirational Performance.

June 1972
Elvis continues touring in concert, beginning with a press conference in New York on the June 9. MGM is on hand to film the conference for use in “Elvis on Tour.” Elvis makes entertainment history by performing four sold-out shows at New York’s Madison Square Garden. John Lennon, George Harrison, Bob Dylan, David Bowie and Art Garfunkel are among the music stars spotted at the shows. Nine days after it is recorded, RCA rush-releases a live album from one of the shows, “Elvis as Recorded at Madison Square Garden.” Elvis tours to seven more cities.

Elvis' Vegas and concert tour career is hot during the early to mid-seventies. He breaks attendance records in cities all over America. Record releases also continue.

July 26, 1972
Elvis and Priscilla’s separation is formalized. A divorce is to come. Elvis has begun seeing Linda Thompson, who will be his main female companion until late 1976.

August 4 - September 4, 1972
Elvis plays a month-long engagement at the Hilton in Vegas.

September 4, 1972
Elvis participates in a press conference between the dinner and midnight shows in Vegas, announcing plans for a Elvis on Tour Postertelevision concert to be broadcast via satellite around the world from Hawaii. It is predicted that the show will reach the largest audience in television history and that the live album will be a big hit.

October 1972
Elvis has a number two pop hit with the single “Burning Love,” one of his biggest records in recent years.

November 1972
“Elvis on Tour” opens to good reviews and good box office performance in theaters. Later, its producers will receive the Golden Globe Award for Best Documentary of 1972. Elvis also tours seven cities in concert. The last is Honolulu, Hawaii, where he does three shows at the Honolulu International Center Arena, the same venue that will host his satellite special in January.

November 20, 1972
Elvis appears at a press conference in Hawaii regarding his upcoming satellite show. It is announced that it will be a benefit for the Kui Lee Cancer Fund.