1970-1977: Page 4

October 9, 1973
Elvis and Priscilla make a court appearance together and their divorce is granted. They continue to be close friends. Though Elvis and Priscilla have joint custody of Lisa Marie, there will be no formal schedule of visitation for Elvis, and he and his daughter will spend time together regularly.
Elvis Presley Promised Land
December 1973
Elvis returns to the Stax Recording Studio in Memphis for a week of sessions. He records the albums "Promised Land" and "Good Times."

January 26 - February 9, 1974
Elvis plays the Vegas Hilton again.

March - July 1974
Elvis is on tour through much of March. In March, he returns to the Houston Astrodome and sets a one-day attendance record with his two shows. Also in March, he plays Memphis for the first time since 1961 and does four shows on March 16 and 17 to meet the demand for tickets. Another live album results from the excitement in Memphis, and on March 20, “Elvis Recorded Live On Stage in Memphis,” is recorded at one of the shows. Included on the album is a live performance of “How Great Thou Art” that will go on to win Elvis his third Grammy award. He resumes touring in May and plays the Sahara in Lake Tahoe May 16 -26. He’s back on tour in mid-June and takes a few weeks off, starting in early July.

Graceland’s den is being redecorated into its present Polynesian décor and Elvis is working on the script to the movie “The New Gladiators.”

August 19 - September 2, 1974
Elvis goes back to the Hilton in Vegas for an engagement. Elvis talks on stage about karate.

September 27 - October 14, 1974
Elvis is on tour again. He also plays the Sahara-Tahoe on October 11-14.

Record releases have continued through this period with varying degrees of success.
Elvis' Grammy Award
March 1, 1975
Elvis’ live recording of "How Great Thou Art" from the album recorded at one of his Memphis concerts on March 20, 1974, wins the Grammy for Best Inspirational Performance. This is Elvis’ third and final Grammy win out of fourteen nominations (one nomination posthumously). All three Grammy wins have been for his gospel music.

March 10 - 12, 1975
Elvis records material for the “Today” album at RCA’s Sunset Blvd. Studio.

March 18 - April 1, 1975
Elvis has another engagement at the Hilton. On March 28, 1975, Barbra Streisand talks to Elvis about “Star Is Born.” A formal offer will be made on April 4, 1975, and the Colonel responds with a counter offer for Elvis’ services on the 14, which was subsequently rejected.

April 17, 1975
Elvis purchases a Convair 880 jet and renames it the “Lisa Marie.”

April - July 1975
Elvis tours in concert.

August 18 - September 5, 1975
Elvis opens in Vegas but ends his engagement on the 20th and is hospitalized in Memphis until September 5.

November 11, 1975
The renovation of a Convair 880 jet Elvis bought earlier in the year is complete and he takes his first flight on the Lisa Marie jet.