Gold & Platinum Records

Elvis with gold recordThis section contains a list of the Elvis albums (Long Form Albums), singles and extended-plays (Short Form Albums) whose American sales have received gold, platinum, multi-platinum or diamond designations from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

Sales requirements for gold, platinum and diamond status have changed through the years. This section of certifications is based upon current standards: 500,000 copies for a gold single or album, one million copies for a platinum single or album, ten million copies for a diamond single or album. (For double or multiple disc albums/CD packages, each disc's sales are counted. For instance, a 5-disc box set goes gold after selling 100,000 sets as 5 discs X 100,000 sets sold = 500,000 discs sold.)

For the RIAA to award gold, platinum or diamond certifications, an artist's record company must submit sales figures and request the certifications. Sony Music continues to document Elvis' ongoing record sales and continues to research past sales and seek appropriate RIAA certifications. This section will be updated whenever there is new information.

Further explanation of the status of Elvis' record sales and gold, platinum and diamond record award certifications can be found in the Elvis FAQ section of our website.