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First Annual "Louisiana Hayride" Tour
10/19/2012 - 10/21/2012
Shreveport, LA

Join the members of The Elvis Memorabilia Group Fan Club International as they spend a weekend in the city where Elvis made his concert debut on October 16, 1954.  They will tour the Louisiana Hayride Auditorium and Museum, visit the Southern-Made Donuts Company, as well as many other Elvis sites in this historic city.

Members and guests will arrive in Shreveport on October 19 and meet up for dinner. On October 20, those in attendance will spend the day touring the sites of Shreveport as well as tour the Louisiana Hayride Museum at 1:40 p.m. CST.  Everyone wanting to tour the museum is asked to arrive no later than 1:30 p.m. CST.

During the tour, those in attendance will have the opportunity to meet individuals who were on stage with Elvis during his time with the Louisiana Hayride. In addition, the club will participate in the filming of a documentary to help promote renovation efforts.

There may be a SPECIAL GUEST to join the group on the museum tour as well as join guests for dinner on Saturday Night!

This is a pay as you go event and open to anyone. Please note that this is the club’s first time to attempt this tour so everyone in attendance will learn and have fun together. The Elvis Memorabilia Group Fan Club International asks those planning to attend to please contact the representatives below. This will allow them plan according to the size of the group.

Points of Contact:

Art Patrick - (601) 508-2978
EMAIL:  KingCreole1948@aol.com

M. Patricia Koogle - (301) 693-3993
EMAIL:  Memories5301@aol.com