Below are some frequently asked questions we receive about Elvis Presley in Concert. Don't see an answer to your question below? Send your question to marketing@elvis.com.

Can I bring my camera to the show?

Yes, cameras with flash are allowed at Elvis Presley in Concert. In fact, we encourage flash because it adds to our efforts to re-create the feeling of being at an Elvis concert when Elvis was alive. Audio and video devices are not allowed.

You may initially run into problems with venues who say the cameras are not allowed. However, we always make a special point of emphasizing to each venue's management that we DO want the fans to be allowed to bring still cameras with flash. Please DO take your camera with you no matter what you are told, as sometimes we don't learn about a camera problem at a venue until show night.

If, prior to your attendance of Elvis Presley In Concert, you receive wrong information about being able to take pictures at the event, please report those problems to marketing@elvis.com.

Why aren't you touring more often? Why aren't you coming to my city or country? How do you decide when and where to go on tour?

We have limited windows of time in which our key cast members are all available to tour with our show. Most of them stay very busy with other career commitments. This is a key factor in determining when we tour. Once the window of time is determined, we contact many promoters representing many venues in the regions, nations or continents we are hoping to visit on a particular tour, or they have heard about the show and have contacted us. Where we end up going is determined by which promoters respond enthusiastically to the opportunity to book our show and who have an appropriate venue available on an appropriate date and with whom an agreement can be reached. Then, all the dates and locations have to fit within a practical travel plan - getting from one city to the next, from one show date to the next, all within the time that our cast is available for a tour. That's the simplest explanation of how we book a tour. 

Is there a DVD release of Elvis Presley In Concert? What about a DVD release of Elvis: The 25th Anniversary Concert?

The 25th Anniversary Concert that was held at the Pyramid in Memphis in 2002 was recorded and is available on DVD through ShopElvis.com at the Graceland gift shops and through various other DVD distribution outlets. The DVD is entitled "Elvis Lives: The 25th Anniversary Concert Event."

Is special Elvis Presley In Concert merchandise available?

Yes. Commemorative program books, T-shirts, jackets and other items are sold at the concert venues on show nights.