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Plastic Products Record Plant – Hub Of Rock ‘n’ Roll Historic Marker Dedication
9:00 a.m. Plastic Products Record Plant, 1746 Chelsea Avenue (in North Memphis, just west of McLean Avenue)
Details: A key part of the rock ‘n’ roll wave that swept America in the 1950s was started by R.E. “Buster” Williams, who opened Plastic Products in 1949. His company quickly became a major producer of the 45-rpm records that revolutionized the music industry and filled jukeboxes and record collections across America. Knowing the struggles of small, independent recording studios, such as Sun, Williams offered them generous credit terms. By 1956, Plastic Products was pressing records round the clock for more than 49 labels nationwide, including STAX, Chess, Atlantic, ABC, Ace, Hi, Meteor, and Veejay records. In that same year, Williams doubled production, turning out more than 65,000 records a day. Recording artists often would visit the huts to see their records being created. In 1954, a young Elvis Presley showed up to see his early hit “That’s All Right” rolling off the presses. FREE to attend. For more information, visit JimmyOgle.com or call 901-604-5002.

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