2013 Ultimate ETA Semifinalists

Below are Elvis tribute artists who have won a preliminary round of the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest. The tribute artists posted on this page will travel to Memphis during Elvis Week 2013 to compete in Semifinal Round One of the 2012 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest.

If you are an Elvis tribute artist and interested in competing,
check out our list of Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest preliminary rounds.

Jeff Lewis
Winner of Hard Rock's Last Chance Ultimate ETA Contest

Jeff Lewis was born in Norman, OK, and began performing in 2010 after being introduced to the Elvis tribute artist world. He is a GRAMMY nominated singer and songwriter and currently tours with a band. Jeff says he is a huge Elvis fan and has been hooked from the very beginning. Competing in this year's contest is a dream come true. Jeff's favorite Elvis song is "He Touched Me."

Richard Wolfe
Winner of the Collingwood Elvis Festival

Richard is a 19-year-old tribute artist from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Besides performing, he loves the outdoors, athletics and spending time with his amazingly supportive family and friends. His grandfather is a DJ and a huge Elvis fan. He would have Richard sing an Elvis song at events where he was working and would constantly inspire him to learn new Elvis songs. He says being able to come to Memphis to represent Collingwood is a dream come true and he is humbled and extremely grateful to have this incredible opportunity. His favorite Elvis song is “Clambake.”

Irv Cass
Winner of 11th Annual Elvis Tampa Bay Festival

Irv became an Elvis fan through his parents. He was inspired to become an Elvis tribute artist after seeing one perform in a contest in Indiana. After that, he was hooked and has been performing his tribute for the last 21 years. He says it is a privilege to be on the stage with the best in the business in Elvis’ hometown. As for his favorite song, he says it is impossible to pick just one.

Anthony Shore
Winner of Harrah's Cherokee Contest

Anthony is a passionate, lifelong Elvis fan. He was born and raised in London, England, and has performed his tribute to Elvis since he was 16. He became inspired at the young age of three when he found a tape of Elvis. He is excited to be a part of the world’s biggest Elvis tribute artist contest. His favorite Elvis song is “My Boy.”

Silas Lulic
Winner of the ELVIS Viva Surfers Paradise Contest

Silas is from Melbourne, Australia, and works as a concreter. Besides singing, he enjoys karate, guitars and hot rods. His inspiration for becoming an Elvis tribute artist comes from Elvis himself, as Silas considers him one of the greatest entertainers that ever lived. He says it is a huge honor as a fan to be able to compete in the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest. His favorite Elvis song is “Peace in the Valley.”

Ben Thompson
Winner of Europe's Tribute To Elvis Contest

Ben has been a committed Elvis fan from a young age and has always loved listening, watching and learning about Elvis. He takes great pride in making sure his tribute to Elvis is respectful and sincere. He performed his first tribute in January 2012 during a local festival in London. His performance was well-received and encouraged him to become an Elvis tribute artist. Being able to compete in Memphis during Elvis Week is a dream come true. His favorite Elvis song is “Hurt.”

Adam  Fitzpatrick
Winner of the Penticton Elvis Festival

Adam started doing his tribute in 2008 after entering and winning a contest at a local festival. He considers himself lucky to be able to do this for a living. He says being able to compete in Memphis in front of so many fans during Elvis Week is surreal. His favorite Elvis song is "Bridge Over Troubled Water."

Sato Koichi
Winner of 4th Elvis Tribute Artist Contest of Japan

Sato is from Japan. He is married and has an 13-year old daughter. His hobbies include singing and bike touring. He started singing Elvis as part of the opening to his band act about 13 years ago. He is excited about the challenge of coming to Memphis to compete in the Ultimate ETA Contest. He wants to sing Elvis from his soul and is grateful to be able to be able to sing in front of Elvis fans from all over the world. His favorite Elvis song is “Hound Dog.”

Matt Cordell
Winner of the Atlantic City Ultimate ETA Contest

Matt is from Tennessee and is married with a 16-year-old daughter. In his free time, he has an active lifestyle playing pro-softball. His parents introduced him to Elvis when he was a young child and he grew up loving Elvis as well as singing and entertaining people. He says it is an honor to make it along with the top ETAs in the world to the Ultimate ETA Contest in Memphis. His favorite Elvis song is “My Way.”

Jay Dupuis
Winner of the Tupelo Elvis Festival

Jay was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. At the age of three, he realized his love and passion for the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. As a child, he would dress up in white pants and a shirt, flip up his collar and pretend he was Elvis. Then one day as an adult, he saw a friend performing as an ETA and thought he would like to do that one day. With the help and support of his family and friends, he was able to do just that. Jay considers being an Elvis tribute artist a true blessing and for him it is a great honor to pay tribute to the greatest entertainer of all time. His favorite Elvis song is “Suspicious Minds.”

Jesse Aron
Winner of the LakeGeorge.com Elvis Festival

Jesse has been performing his tribute to Elvis for 11 years. He lives in Wisconsin and has been an Elvis fan since he was a small child. He studied Elvis’ voice and moves, then finally got the nerve to take the stage at his high school talent show. He says it is a privilege and honor to represent Lake George in Memphis during Elvis Week. His favorite Elvis song is “Power of My Love.”

Rob Ely
Winner of the Laughlin ETA Contest

Rob has been an Elvis fan since he was a little kid. His parents and grandparents are Elvis fans too. Watching Elvis' performances and listening to his music got him hooked at an early age and as he grew to be a performer himself and saw the impact of being an ETA, he just knew he had to do it for himself. He says it is a great way to keep Elvis’ memory alive and be able to do what he loves to do. He says it is an honor and privilege to be part of the Ultimate ETA Contest and says it would be a dream come true to be recognized as one of the best by EPE. His favorite Elvis song is “Blue Suede Shoes.”

Anthony Carbone
Winner of the Toronto Elvis Festival

Anthony is 19 years old and from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He specializes in the concert years of Elvis’ career and plays piano. He is currently enrolled in the classical voice program at Mohawk College. Anthony became interested in becoming a tribute artist after seeing another ETA performing when he was 10 years old. He says it is a true honor to represent Elvis and the Toronto Elvis Festival. His favorite Elvis song is “Unchained Melody.”

Chad Collins
Winner of the Las Vegas Ultimate ETA Contest

Chad was born and raised in Nashville. He started his career as a Tim McGraw tribute artist but currently works as an ordained minister at a Las Vegas wedding chapel. His first time performing as Elvis was lip synching to the song “Hurt” in a kindergarten talent show. Chad says that performing on stage as part of the Ultimate ETA Contest is a dream come true and truly an honor. Chad’s favorite Elvis song is “One Night.”

Diogo "Di" Leichtweis
Winner of the Sao Paulo Elvis Festival

Born in the early 1980s in Southern Brazil, Diogo has loved music from an early age. As a baby, he listened to Elvis records that belonged to his father. In 2005, Diogo was working as a lawyer and was able to travel to the U.S. for the first time. While here, he visited some of the most meaningful places in the king’s life. After returning to Brazil, he began pursuing his dream to sing and perform his biggest idol’s songs. He says he has so many favorite Elvis songs that he can’t pick just one.

Gordon Elvis
Winner of The Elvis Weekender Festival

Gordon has been a fan of Elvis’ music since he very young and would hear his parents play it. He was born in Malta but moved to the UK at 25, leaving his family behind, but having their full support to follow his dream as an Elvis tribute artist. Besides being an Elvis tribute artist, he also enjoys football and music. He says it means the world to him to be able to come to Memphis to compete and is a dream come true. Gordon’s favorite Elvis song is “Sound of your Cry.”

Tim Hendry
Winner of the Philly Elvis Fest

Tim grew up a watching Elvis movies and concerts and became a huge Elvis fan at a young age because of the influence of his late father, Diamond Jim. He considers it an absolute honor and privilege to pay tribute to the greatest entertainer of all time, Elvis Presley. Tim has many favorite Elvis songs and his all-time favorite is “How Great Thou Art.”

David Lee
Winner of the Branson Elvis Festival

One of David’s best friends was an Elvis fan and the one who got him hooked after listening to lots of Elvis’ music. David’s tremendous respect for Elvis has turned performing into a dream career for him and he enjoys sharing the love of Elvis with fans of all ages. He is excited and honored to return to Memphis to compete this year. David’s favorite Elvis song is “Promised Land.”

Cliff Wright
Winner of the Fill The Blue Suede Shoes Ultimate ETA Contest

Cliff became an Elvis fan at the age of eight years old. After hearing Elvis for the first time on the radio, he began trying to copy Elvis' voice and tone, as well as the emotion Elvis puts in every song.  In 2011, Cliff began competing and performing Elvis' music in a northern contest after being stranded with car trouble. So a friend asked him to enter into this contest and he has been doing it ever since. Cliff says it is a dream come true to be part of the contest because he gets to compete in Elvis’ hometown and perform Elvis’ music in front of his fans. Cliff’s favorite Elvis song is “Where No One Stands Alone.”

Travis Powell
Winner of the Myrtle Beach Ultimate ETA Contest

Growing up in North Carolina, Travis spent a lot of time watching Elvis’ “Aloha from Hawaii.” He would enter talent competitions in school and perform at church. He says that being able to be with the fans as they celebrate Elvis’ life and music together is amazing. Elvis is the reason that Travis got into entertaining and he sees this as his way to pay tribute to him. Travis says it means a lot to him to be part of the contest and is a dream come true. Travis’ favorite Elvis song is “My Way.”

Jim Barone
Winner of the Food Lion AutoFair Ultimate ETA Preliminary

Jim began entertaining as a teenager doing musical theatre. During the same period, he became an instant Elvis fan after hearing “Return to Sender.” The two passions came together and his career was launched by a simple request to perform at an oldies show. When Jim heard Elvis’ voice for the first time, he feel in love with it. He incorporated several Elvis songs into his performances and the audience wanted more. As a result, his act evolved into an Elvis tribute. His favorite Elvis song is “Are You Lonesome Tonight?”

Michael Cullipher
Winner of the Sugar Creek Casino ETA preliminary.

Michael saw his first ETA when he was just four years old and knew then this is what he wanted to do when he grew up. He says that Elvis was one of a kind which is why it can sometimes be a challenge as an ETA to recreate the charisma, expressions, moves, etc., but that like all ETAs, he does the best job that he can to make sure each person gets the best Elvis experience possible. Being part of the Ultimate ETA Contest is an honor and blessing for Michael. His favorite Elvis song is “If I Can Dream.”

Michael Chambliss
Winner of the Georgia Elvis Festival

Michael is originally from Mississippi but now lives in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. He grew up listening to stories his father told about serving in the Army with Elvis. As a child, he studied everything he could about Elvis and was struck by how Elvis was able to change and impact the culture of the time. Michael says it is a dream come true to be part of the Ultimate ETA Contest. Michael’s favorite Elvis song is “The Wonder of You.”

Dean Z
Winner of the Rockin' Elvis Fest at Pala Casino

Dean saw Elvis on TV when he was three years old. After that, he cleared off the coffee table in the living room and started dancing and singing. His mom had a jumpsuit made for him and he performed “Jailhouse Rock” at his sister’s school talent show. At the show, he sang along to Elvis’ record and every time he shook, the crowd would scream. At that moment, he was hooked. At age 17, Dean moved to Las Vegas to reach toward his goal of establishing himself as a well-known act. He is honored to be a part of the Ultimate ETA Contest and admires all the ETAs who have gone on to win the contest. His favorite Elvis song is “Bossa Nova.”

Eli Williams
Winner of the Hawaii Ultimate ETA Contest Presented by Legends in Concert

Eli was born in Canada and first became an Elvis fan through his grandmother who immigrated from Holland in 1954. He works as both a graphic designer and singer. In his free time, he studies kenpo and kyokushin karate. His desire to become an ETA began when he performed in a talent show in high school. Several years later, he met a local tribute artist who became his mentor. Eli says being part of the Ultimate ETA Contest is a dream of a lifetime come true. His favorite Elvis song is “Promised Land.”

Ted Torres
Winner of the New England Elvis Festival

From the first time Ted Torres saw "Jailhouse Rock" at the age of 12, he knew he was going to be a fan for life. Ted is a singer, songwriter, and musician from Orlando, Florida. Growing up in a family with two professional musicians as parents, his background in music influenced Ted to perform. He started learning how to play different instruments and was greatly influenced by Elvis. Ted says performing as an as an Elvis tribute artist is his respectful tribute to a man whom he admires as an entertainer and human being. Ted says he has too many favorite Elvis songs to only pick one. 

Jay Zanier
Winner of the Tweed Tribute to Elvis Festival

Jay’s passion for Elvis started at a very young age. Being blessed with the ability to share everlasting memories with Elvis fans worldwide is the best way Jay says he can pay homage to the greatest entertainer of all time. He is humbled to be a part of the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest and to be able to share the stage with other performers who are as passionate about Elvis as he is. Jay’s favorite Elvis song is “The Impossible Dream.” 

David Allen
Winner of the Elvis FANtasy Fest

David is from Dallas, Texas. His father saw Elvis five times in concert, and so he grew up with the king in his ear. David has been performing Elvis tributes since 2000. Being part of the Ultimate ETA Contest has been a dream of his ever since the contest was created. David's favorite Elvis song is “If I Can Dream.”

Dwight Icenhower
Winner of the Pocono Mountains Elvis Festival

Dwight Icenhower was raised in Ohio and began his Elvis career by singing karaoke at a local fair when he was just 16 years old. Now, being an ETA is a full-time career for him. Dwight says that he considers it a dream come true to have such a wonderful job and having the opportunity to meet such wonderful people. His favorite Elvis song is “You’ll Never Walk Alone.”