2010 Ultimate ETA Contest

Justin Shandor
Winner of the Las Vegas Ultimate ETA Contest
Justin's mother introduced him to Elvis when he was 8 years old and she brought home one of his Christmas cassettes around the holidays. He began professionally doing his tribute around the age of 16. Justin says it means everything to him to be able to be part of the Ultimate ETA Contest. Justin's favorite Elvis song is "If I Can Dream."

Kevin Mills
Winner of the Tupelo Elvis Festival
Ever since Kevin was a teenager, he has had a love for Elvis and his music, and he felt Elvis was the natural choice for him to emulate. The many facets and genres of Elvis' career provides Kevin with a never ending challenge. Kevin says it is an honor to be able to be part of the Ultimate ETA Contest and be able to compete in Memphis, where Elvis called home. Kevin's favorite song is "Bridge Over Troubled Water."

Jay Dupuis
Winner of the Silver Slipper Casino Ultimate ETA Contest
Jay was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and at the early age of three he realized his love and passion for the King of Rock 'n' Roll. Jay considers being a tribute artist a true blessing. He loves bringing the electrifying magic of Elvis back to the stage and for him it is a great honor to pay tribute the greatest entertainer of all time. Jay's favorite Elvis song is "Suspicious Minds."

Also, congratulations to Victor Trevino, Jr. and Matt Cordell for making it into the top five.

2010 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest Preliminary Results

Below are the additional 20 semifinalists who competed on August 12 & 13 in Memphis during the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest.

Cody Slaughter
Last Chance ETA Contest at Memphis Hard Rock Cafe

Cody is from Harrison, Arkansas, and grew up with three brothers and a sister. He was introduced to Elvis by his parents, both who are Elvis fans. He started listening to his dad's Elvis tapes around the age of 5 and started learning about Elvis himself and that is what got him hooked. Cody says it is an honor to be part of the Ultimate ETA Contest in Memphis. Cody's favorite Elvis song is "Bridge Over Troubled Water."

Eddie Miles
Winner of the Ultimate ETA Contest at Hollywood Casino Lawrenceburg 2

Eddie was born and raised in Holy Cross, Kentucky. The second of eight children, Eddie starting singing as a child in school and church functions, parties, family gatherings, etc. With an early fascination and appreciation of Elvis and his music, it was Elvis songs that always got requested. After several jobs of working construction, driving trucks, a stint in the US Air Force, then the US Postal Service , Eddie decided to pursue his dream of a career in entertainment. Eddie says it is an honor to be able to come to the historic Orpheum Theater to perform Elvis' music that is loved by millions. Eddie's favorite Elvis song is "Kentucky Rain."

Tim Hendry
Winner of the Collingwood Elvis Festival

Tim is from London, Ontario, Canada. He has been an ETA for almost 9 years. He has a love for all sports, but music is his life. In addition to performing as an ETA, he also plays the drums in several different bands. Tim has been a fan since he was a young boy and his father was also a huge Elvis fan. His favorite Elvis song is "How Great Thou Art."

Matt Cordell
Winner of Harrah's Cherokee Ultimate ETA Contest

Matt is a native of southeast Tennessee and has been performing concerts as the King of Rock 'n' Roll for more than 15 years. Both of Matt's parents are Elvis fans and raised him on Elvis' music, movies and concerts. He says paying tribute to the greatest entertainer is a great honor. Matt's favorite Elvis song is "My Way."

Ted Torres
Winner of the Tampa Elvis Festival Ultimate ETA Contest

Ted is a singer, songwriter, musician and actor from Orlando, Florida. Ted was inspired by both his parents and Elvis to do music as a career. After learning more about Elvis as a person, he became a bigger fan of Elvis. He hopes he can help people relive the memories of when a poor boy from Tupelo conquered both Memphis and the world with his music. Ted's favorite Elvis song is "The Sound of Your Cry."

Stephen Freeman
Winner of the Fans' Choice Poll

A former police officer and detective, Stephen began his career as an Elvis Tribute Artist in 1998. His inspiration to become a tribute artist stemmed from Elvis’ soulful commitment to both Gospel music and his fans. Stephen’s goal as a tribute artist is to accurately portray Elvis, his talent and his music with respect. When asked about winning the ETA Ultimate Fan’s Choice Poll, Stephen said, “This is the greatest honor of my career.” Stephen’s favorite song is “I Can’t Stop Loving You.”

Yuichi Tatsumi
Winner of the Japan Ultimate ETA Contest

Yuichi is from Kyoto, Japan, and works for the gas company. He started playing guitar at age 15. He enjoys fishing and collecting guitars. Yuichi became a fan of Elvis because his father was a fan. He says it is an honor to be able to attend the Ultimate ETA Contest in Memphis and it is his dream to show his appreciation for Elvis to fans. His favorite Elvis song is "Love Me."

Jay Zanier
Winner of the Penticton Pacific Northwest Elvis Festival

Jay’s passion for Elvis started at a very young age. He has been performing the timeless and magical songs as far back as he can remember. He was deeply influenced by Elvis and said being blessed with the ability to share everlasting memories with Elvis fans worldwide is one of the greatest ways to pay homage to the greatest entertainer of all time. He truly feels privileged to tribute a man who is idolized by so many. Elvis will always live on in Jay’s heart, his memories and his dreams. Jay's favorite Elvis song is "The Impossible Dream."

Paul Fenech
Winner of the Wintersun preliminary contest

Paul Fenech lives in the East of Sydney, a beach side suburb in Australia. He started performing Elvis tributes 13 years ago. He was influenced by Elvis when he was 5 years old after watching the "Aloha in Hawaii" concert on television. The last time Paul visited Graceland was in 1992 and he is excited to return to see Elvis' home and compete for the Ultimate ETA title. Paul's favorite song to listen to is "Treat Me Nice" and his favorite song to perform is "My Way."

Gino Monopoli
Winner of the Atlantic City Ultimate ETA Contest

Gino Monopoli is from Toronto, Ontario, and has been a professional tribute artist for the past six years. He appreciates the special moments his career has offered to him and considers paying homage to Elvis a true blessing. Gino says he likes the competition because it is a chance to network and learn from fellow artists and a good way to show your craft to a larger audience. Gino’s favorite Elvis song is “Love Me Tender.”

Rick Lenzi
Winner of the LakeGeorge.com Ultimate ETA Contest

Rick has been a tribute artist for 18 years. His father introduced him to Elvis at the age of two and from that point on, he grew to love and admire the King of Rock 'n' Roll. Rick takes his job as a tribute artist seriously and says, "No one will ever replace Elvis Presley, but we can help keep his memory alive." Rick's favorite Elvis song is "If I Can Dream."

Dwight Icenhower
Winner of the Pechanga Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest

Thanks to his mother, Dwight was introduced to Elvis through his movies and music. He was raised in Omeroy, Ohio, and began his tribute career by paying tribute to Elvis as a teenager at Meigs High School talent show. Dwight considers it a dream come true to have such a rewarding job and enjoys having the opportunity to meet Elvis fans all over the world. Dwight's favorite song is "You'll Never Walk Alone."

Victor Trevino Jr.
Winner of the Hollywood Casino Baton Rouge Ultimate ETA Contest

Victor's dream of a career in music and acting has been realized in his tribute to Elvis Presley. As a fan himself, he always remembers that his role is that of a tribute artist, and not the king himself. He strives to maintain a respectful image of Elvis for all fans with a humble attitude and honor for the man who "dared to rock." Victor says he became a tribute artist to show a younger generation what Elvis was really like and where the music they listen to today came from. Victor's favorite Elvis song is "Milkcow Blues Boogie."

Danny Vernon
Winner of the Chinook Winds Casino Ultimate ETA Contest

Danny was born in the valley of Puyallup not far below Mt. Rainier in Washington State. He grew up taking a sporting advantage of his surroundings enjoying fishing for salmon in the Puget Sound and skiing in the cascades. He has always been passionate about playing percussion and singing. At a young age, he stumbled across his father's stack of scratched up RCA Victor albums. He innately started to sing along with him as you would with a "shadow friend". While singing Elvis songs he noticed it brought together an immediate sense of community and togetherness that still holds true to this day. It is important to Danny that during his performances he respect and support for the integrity of Elvis and his music. Danny's favorite song is "Don't Be Cruel."

Eric "ERocK" Haws
Winner of the Branson Elvis Festival

Eric was born in Kansas City, MO, in 1961. Due to family problems, he was adopted by his aunt Billie at the age of 6, and raised in California. Billie was the one who introduced him to Elvis' incredible music. She took him in 1973 to the Anaheim Convention Center to see Elvis in concert - a day he says changed his life. Eric did not become an Elvis tribute artist until the age of 46, and regrets not becoming one sooner. Eric's favorite Elvis song is "If I Can Dream."

Mark AnthonyMark Anthony
Winner of the Toronto Elvis Festival

Mark Anthony hails from Adelaide, South Australia and has been an Elvis tribute artist since 2004. He started by doing a tribute to Elvis at a charity event and it now has become one of the most fulfilling ventures of his life. The smiles on people's faces while he is performing inspire him. He says being able to performing "in Elvis' backyard" as part of the Ultimate ETA Contest semifinals during Elvis Week is the biggest honor. Mark's favorite Elvis song is "True Love Travels on a Gravel Road."

Vince King
Winner of the Legends in Concert - Myrtle Beach Contest

Vince was born in Illinois but moved to Texas at a very early age with his family. He has loved Elvis ever since he was a small child. Six years ago, he entered an ETA contest and won first place. From there, he began working as an ETA and it has now become a career. Vince says it is a dream to win the Myrtle Beach contest and to be able to represent them in Memphis. Vince currently lives in Texas with his wife Lara and daughter Presley. Vince's favorite song is "Suspicious Minds."

Todd Bodenheimer
Winner of the Ultimate ETA Contest at Hollywood Casino Lawrenceburg 1

Todd is from Louisville, Kentucky, and has been singing all of his life. He has been performing as an Elvis tribute artist for 8 years and was a tooling engineer for 14 years. He has been an Elvis fan his whole life and appreciates what Elvis stood for as an entertainer and person. He wants to make his work as an Elvis tribute artist a full time job because he enjoys entertaining people and having them leave his show with a smile. He says the opportunity to compete in Memphis is a dream come true. Todd's favorite Elvis song is "My Way."

Chris Ayotte
Winner of the Elvis FANtasy Fest Ultimate ETA Contest

As a young boy, Chris was introduced to Elvis' music by his brother. He was immediately drawn to Elvis' magnetic, God-given voice and listened to his Golden Hits record for hours at a time. Although he performed a few Elvis tributes in high school, it wasn't until he entered a contest about five years ago, that he launched his ETA career. Chris lives in Michigan with his wife Julie and two children. In addition to performing Elvis tributes, Chris is a full-time marketing manager and enjoys spending time with his kids, boating, reading, cooking and supporting local charities.
Chris' favorite Elvis song is "If I Can Dream."

Jim Barone
Winner of the New England Ultimate ETA Contest

When Jim heard Elvis for the first time, he was amazed. After singing some of Elvis' songs for his friends, they told him that he sounded a lot like Elvis. Jim likes re-create the excitement that Elvis generated in his live performances. He says his love for Elvis' music and his fans keep him wanting to perform day in and day out.
Jim's favorite Elvis song is "Are You Lonesome Tonight."