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Category: Movie Soundtrack/ Studio Recordings
Original Release Date: April-May 1957
FTD Release Date: April 2010
Recording Location: Hollywood, CA
FTD Release Format: Vinyl (2LP Version)
    LP 1
    Jailhouse Rock
    Young And Beautiful
    I Want To Be Free
    Don't Leave Me Now
    Baby I Don't Care
    Treat Me Nice (record version)
    Jailhouse Rock (2001 t5)
    Don't Leave Me Now (second version 2017 t18)
    I Want To Be Free (2010 t11)
    Treat Me Nice (2008 splice of t10/13)
    Young And Beautiful (2004 t19)
    Jailhouse Rock (movie opening theme 2527 t6)
    Treat Me Nice (movie version with overdubs 2008)
    Jailhouse Rock (movie version)
    Young And Beautiful (Florita club v2006 t7)
    Baby I Don't Care (movie edit 2013 t6/2021 t6)
    Don't Leave Me Now (recording studio v2 2022 t12)
    I Want To Be Free (jail v2009 splice of t10/12/13)
    Don't Leave Me Now (second version 2017 t21)
    Young And Beautiful (end title v2004 t8/12/18/22)
    Jailhouse Rock (male vocal overdub version)
    Treat Me Nice (2003 t19)
    Baby I Don't Care (2015 t1)
    LP 2
    Binaural sessions:
    Treat Me Nice (second movie v2008 t1-2,5-13)
    I Want To Be Free (jail v2009 t1-2,4-6,10-13)
    Young And Beautiful (v2004 t1,4-6,11,16,19,21-22)

    "Jailhouse Rock" is a vinyl set in the classic album series. The first record features masters, alternate masters, movie masters and a few bonus cuts in mono. The second record consists of session takes – all in binaural. The package features the 7” inch digipack format with 12-page booklet.


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