G.I. BLUES (2LP version)

Category: Original Soundtrack
Original Release Date: 1960
FTD Release Date: December 14, 2012
Recording Location: Hollywood, CA
FTD Release Format: Vinyl (2LP Version)
    Side 1
    The Companion Album
    Tonight Is So Right For Love (take 4)
    What's She Really Like (takes 12, 13)
    Frankfort Special (version 1, take 12)
    Wooden Heart (takes 2-4M)
    G. I. Blues (take 5)
    Tonight Is So Right For Love (instrumental)
    Tonight's All Right For Love (alternative version, take1)
    Big Boots (medium tempo version)
    Side 2
    The Companion Album
    Pocketful Of Rainbows (version 1, take 10)
    Shoppin' Around (version 1, take 5)
    Big Boots (slow version, takes 2, 3)
    Didja' Ever (take 1)
    Shoppin' Around (instrumental, take 4)
    Doin' The Best I Can (takes 1-3)
    Doin' The Best I Can (takes 4-7)
    Side 3
    The Original Album
    Tonight Is So Right For Love
    What's She Really Like
    Frankfort Special
    Wooden Heart
    G. I. Blues

    Tonight Is So Right For Love (alternative version)
    G. I. Blues (take 1)
    Wooden Heart (take 1)
    Side 4
    The Original Album
    Pocketful Of Rainbows
    Shoppin' Around
    Big Boots
    Didja' Ever
    Blue Suede Shoes
    Doin' The Best I Can


    Doin' The Best I Can (takes 8, 9)
    As part of the classic album series, this is the vinyl set of the "G.I. Blues" material. "G.I. Blues" was a 1960 American musical comedy starring Elvis that reached #2 in the box office and was the first film of Elvis' after being released from the army. The release comes in a limited edition two-disc set with a booklet. Vinyl cutting is by Abbey Road Studios and includes DMM Copper Mastering and strictly limited pressing.

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