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Category: Original Soundtrack
Original Recording Date: October 1967
FTD Release Date: May 2013
Recording Location: Nashville, TN
FTD Release Format: CD
    Stay Away
    Stay Away, Joe
    All I Needed Was The Rain
    Goin' Home
    Too Much Monkey Business
    U.S. Male
    Stay Away (jam, take 2)
    Too Much Monkey Business (takes 1,3,6,9)
    U.S. Male (takes (5,6,7)
    Stay Away, Joe (takes 10,12,13
    Stay Away, Joe (takes 15,16,17)
    Dominic (takes 1,3,2)
    All I Needed Was The Rain (unprocessed master
    Too Much Monkey Business (takes 12,10)
    Goin’ Home (takes 12,18,21)
    Goin’ Home (takes 22,24,26,28,29)
    Stay Away (takes 5,6)
    Stay Away (takes 11,12,14)
    U.S. Male (takes 9,10)
    U.S. Male (take 11)

    *Track listing subject to confirmation
    For the first time since "Wild in the Country," neither an LP album nor an extended play single was planned for "Stay Away, Joe." Although released before "Speedway," this film and its soundtrack were made after, the first of Elvis' last five films in the 1960s where musical numbers were kept to a minimum. The recording session took place at RCA Studio B in in Nashville, Tennessee, on October 1, 1967. This compilation is produced and art directed by Ernst Mikael Jørgensen and Roger Semon and mixed and mastered by Vic Anesini & Sebastian Jeansson.

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