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Category: Original Recordings
Original Release Date: 1961
FTD Release Date: April 2006
Recording Location: Hollywood, CA
FTD Release Format: 2-CD with Booklet
    Disc 1
    There's Always Me
    Give Me The Right
    It's A Sin
    Sentimental Me
    Starting Today
    I'm Comin' Home
    In Your Arms
    Put The Blame On Me
    I Want You With Me
    I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell
    I Feel So Bad
    Little Sister
    His Latest Flame
    Good Luck Charm
    Anything That’s Part Of You
    There’s Always Me (take 1)
    Give Me The Right (take 1)
    It's A Sin (takes 1,2)
    Sentimental Me (take 1)
    Starting Today (take 1)
    Gently (takes 1,2)
    I'm Comin' Home (take 2)
    In Your Arms (take 1)
    Put The Blame On Me (takes 1,2)
    Judy (take 1)
    I Want You With Me (take 1)
    Little Sister (take 3)
    His Latest Flame (take 2)
    Anything That’s Part Of You (take 1)
    Disc 2
    I'm Comin’ Home (takes 1,3 & 5,4)
    Gently (takes 3 & 4)
    Give Me The Right (takes 3,2)
    I Feel So Bad (take 1)
    There’s Always Me (takes 2 & 4)
    Starting Today (take 2)
    Judy (takes 2,3 & 4)
    His Latest Flame (takes 1 & 3,4 & 5,6)
    Little Sister (takes 1,2,4,5 & 6)
    Good Luck Charm (takes 1 & 2,3)
    Anything That’s Part Of You (takes 2 & 4,5 & 8)
    There’s Always Me (takes 5,6,7,8,9)
    Judy (takes 5,6,7)
    His Latest Flame (takes 10,11,12)
    Little Sister (takes 7,8,9)
    Anything That’s Part Of You (take 9)
    "Something For Everybody" continues FTD Records program of reissuing classic Elvis albums that are no longer part of the mainstream Elvis catalog for the RCA Records label. This 2-disc set comes with the content of the original 1961 release along with a ton of additional material from the recording sessions and is packaged as a 7" gatefold cover with a 12-page booklet.

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