Category: Studio Recordings
Original Release Date: January 1971
FTD Release Date: October 31, 2012
Recording Location: Nashville, TN
FTD Release Format: Vinyl (2LP Version)
    Side 1
    1. Snowbird takes 4,5 (2.29)
         (Gene MacLellan)
    2. Tomorrow Never Comes take 11 (4.27)
         (Ernest Tubb/Johnny Bond)
    3. Whole Lot-ta Shakin’ Goin’ On
         (rough mix with horns) (5.39)
         (Dave Williams/Sunny David)
    4. Funny How Time Slips Away*
         (undubbed rough mix) (4.23)
         (Willie Nelson)
    5. I Really Don’t Want To Know* (undubbed
        rough mix) (2:48)
         (Howard Barnes/Don Robertson)
    Side 2
    1. There Goes My Everything take 1 (2.56)
         (Dallas Frazier)
    2. It’s Your Baby, You Rock It (alternate
        master) (3:11)
         (Shirl Milete/Nora Fowler)
    3. Faded Love take 3 (alternate master) (4.24)
         (Bob Wills/John Wills)
    4. I Washed My Hands In
       Muddy Water (undubbed rough mix)* 4.28
         (Joe Babcock)
    5. Make The World Go Away take 1*
        (undubbed rough mix) 5.42
         (Hank Cochran)
    Side 3
    1. I Didn’t Make It On Playing Guitar (studio jam) (3:40)  (copyright control)
    2. Where Did They Go, Lord take 1 (2.18)
         (Dallas Frazier/Arthur L. Owens)
    3. The Fool – take 1 2:30
        (Naomi Ford)
    4. Faded Love (Country version) (0.40)
         (Bob Wills/John Wills)
    5. Little Cabin On The Hill take 1 (2.04)
         (Bill Monroe/Lester Flatt)
    6. A Hundred Years From Now – take 2 (1.30)
         (Lester Flatt/Earl Scruggs)
    7. Snowbird (rehearsal and take 1) (2.29)
         (Gene MacLellan)
    8. I Was Born About Ten
       Thousand Years Ago (master) (3:11)
         (Adapted by Elvis Presley)
    Side 4

    1. Snowbird – takes 4,5  2:31
          (Gene MacLellan)
    2. Tomorrow Never Comes take 2 (3.54)
         (Ernest Tubb/Johnny Bond)
    3. Faded Love takes 2,1*
         (undubbed rough mix) (4.50)
         (Bob Wills/John Wills)
    4. The Next Step Is Love*
         (undubbed rough mix) (3:41)
        (Paul Evans/Paul Parnes
    5.  Where Did They Go, Lord takes 2,3 (2.52)
         (Dallas Frazier/Arthur L. Owens)
    6.  When I’m Over You*
          (undubbed rough mix) (3:29)
        (Shirl Milete)

    Following on from “That’s The Way It Is (special edition)”, FTD vinyl is pleased to announce the follow-up “ELVIS COUNTRY (Special Edition).”  This collector's set from the FTD Records Classic Album Series is the re-mastered version of Elvis' January 1971 album. The album was recorded at RCA Studio B in Nashville in 1970.

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