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Category: Original Recordings
Original Release Date: 1972
FTD Release Date: October 2011
Recording Location: Various locations
FTD Release Format: 2-CD with Booklet
    Disc 1
    He Touched Me
    I've Got Confidence
    Amazing Grace
    Seeing Is Believing
    He Is My Everything
    Bosom Of Abraham
    An Evening Prayer
    Lead Me, Guide Me
    There Is No God But God
    A Thing Called Love
    I John
    Reach Out To Jesus
    He Touched Me (take 2)
    An Evening Prayer (take 2)
    Seeing Is Believing (takes 1-4)
    A Thing Called Love (take 1)
    He Is My Everything (take 1)
    Bosom Of Abraham (takes 2-3)
    Reach Out To Jesus (takes 1-7, 9)
    The Lord's Prayer
    Disc 2
    Johnny B. Goode
    He Touched Me (take 3)
    An Evening Prayer (take 3)
    Seeing Is Believing (take 7)
    A Thing Called Love (rehearsal)
    There Is No God But God (takes 1,3,4,2)
    Amazing Grace (takes 1,2)
    Seeing Is Believing (takes 8,9,10)
    An Evening Prayer (take 5)
    I John (take 1)
    Bosom Of Abraham (take 4)
    A Thing Called Love (takes 2,3)
    I've Got Confidence (take 1)
    An Evening Prayer (take 7)
    He Is My Everything (takes 2,4)
    Bosom Of Abraham (takes 5,7)
    A Thing Called Love (takes 4-7)
    An Evening Prayer (take 8)
    Seeing Is Believing (takes 11,12)

    In October 2011, the FTD series released the third and last of Elvis' original gospel albums: the Grammy Award winning, "He Touched Me."  The 2-disc album includes the original LP master, session outtakes, and a 12-page booklet including relevant historical data and illustrations.

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