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Category: Studio Recordings
Original Release Date: 1973
FTD Release Date: July 2007
Recording Location: Not Available
FTD Release Format: 2-CD with Booklet
    Disc 1
    Raised On Rock
    Are You Sincere
    Find Out What's Happening
    I Miss You
    Girl Of Mine
    For Ol' Times Sake
    If You Don't Come Back
    Just A Little Bit
    Sweet Angeline
    Three Corn Patches
    I Miss You (composite of 10,11)
    Find Out What's happening (take 6)
    It's Diff'rent Now
    Three Corn Patches (takes 1,2)
    If You Don't Come Back (take 5)
    Girl Of Mine (take 9)
    I Miss You (take 5)
    Three Corn Patches (takes 13,14)
    Are You Sincere (take 2)
    Find Out What's Happening (composite of 8,7)
    For Ol' Times Sake (take 4)
    Color My Rainbow (track)
    Sweet Angeline (track)
    Disc 2
    Rough mixes:
    For Ol' Times Sake
    If You Don't Come Back
    Find Out What's Happening
    Raised On Rock
    Three Corn Patches
    Just A Little Bit

    Session outtakes:
    If You Don't Come Back (takes 1,2,3)
    I Miss You (take 1)
    Girl Of Mine (take 1)
    Find Out What's Happening (takes 1,2,4,5)
    Three Corn Patches (takes 4,5,6)
    For Ol' Times Sake (takes 5,6,7)
    I Miss You (take 10)
    If You Don't Come Back (takes 8,6)
    Find Out What's Happening (takes 8,7)
    Are You Sincere (take 1)
    Girl Of Mine (takes 3,4,5,6)
    Three Corn Patches (takes 9,10)
    I Miss You (takes 12,13,14,15)
    The Wonders You Perform (track)
    Good, Bad But Beautiful (track)
    "Raised on Rock" was originally released in 1973. This FTD classic release is a 2-disc set containing outtakes, alternate mixes, and other bonus material.

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