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Katie Aune Blog
"It wasn’t long, though, before I realized that you don’t have to be an Elvis fan to enjoy Graceland. Indeed, I may have even enjoyed it more than some visitors because I went in with a completely open mind and a blank slate. I saw my visit as a chance to learn all I could about this often revered, yet often ridiculed figure. By the time I left nearly three hours later, I realized there are several reasons to visit Graceland – regardless of how much you know about Elvis."

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Material Girls Blog
"One of the highlights of our trip was visiting Graceland. Here’s Christian of Maison21, Raina of A Stylist’s Life, and Tyler of Tyler Wisler Home standing in front of Elvis’ pad, Graceland Mansion."
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Maria's Farm Country Kitchen
"I can still see it. I can still FEEL it and smell it. I was standing over a little record player and watching the record turn as the needle moved over and landed. The scratchy sound before the music starts…and then there it was: “You ain’t nothing but a hound dog...” followed by 2 minutes and 18 seconds of pure-bliss rock ‘n’ roll."
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The Black Stallion
"I always liked Elvis in “Blue Hawaii” - something about living on an island ranch, I guess :) Enjoy the memories and maybe we’ll all meet up sometime at the barn in Graceland!"
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The Road Diaries
"Walking in his home, seeing what he did for his family, and the fans who still come 700,000 strong a year, gives me a glimpse of the personality behind the man. He was generous when nobody was there to see, loved animals, adored his child and wife - all the while creating beautiful music for people to enjoy."
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Trent and Teresa

"If there is any doubt that Elvis is the King, by the time you see all his accomplishments laid out before you, and realize that over 600,000 fans come to Graceland each year, there is no room for doubting."
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"If there is doubt about talent paying for Graceland, an outbuilding with walls covered in gold records quiets the foolishness. That much time spent in a recording studio demanded a serious performer."
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Robert Frost

"Truly, one of the places I have always been most excited about wanting to visit is the home of the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley."
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Travel Blog

"What to do, how do we pick our destinations now?!? Well, in this case, we just listened to one of our favorite Paul Simon songs and set off for Graceland!!! Hey, that's how things go sometimes!"
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Pleasantly Yours

"We made it to Elvis Presley Boulevard! The house was built in 1939. Elvis bought it in 1957. I love the classic American Colonial style!"
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Dainty Button

"We headed back to Memphis for a couple days and we were able to visit a place we've all been wanting to for a long time. Graceland! I love Elvis, as does my entire family, so this was a special treat."
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Sissy Jupe

"Darling and I have been setting aside time to soak in the things that make Memphis, Memphis, as we reflect on the growth we've had and all amazing things we've seen, done, tasted, and experienced here. We spent a portion of the afternoon as tourists in our town: brunch at The Arcade, tour of Graceland, tour of Stax Museum."
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My Life Lessons

"We took Michael on his first getaway trip. First stop – GRACELAND – to see Elvis. Can’t get too many pictures with the king!"
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Roadtrip Maniac

"The next day we went to Graceland. I liked it a lot. We went through the house and learned a lot about Elvis and his life. It is something you have to see when in Memphis."
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Italian Beef and Graceland

"While in Memphis, one of our highlights was seeing Graceland. They had videos all throughout the tour. It brought back a lot of memories. We stood there and watched this video. We did not move until it was over. Kathy looked at me and said "I have goose bumps." So did I. It was his Hawaii concert. It was televised. I remember watching it on TV.
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Road Trip - Across the U.S. in 5 Months

"We made our way over to Graceland to pay Elvis a visit on one of the days we were here! We got to see a lot of his crazy outfits and we actually learned that he was a great humanitarian who donated a lot of his money and paid off debts for perfect strangers. He seemed like a pretty cool guy! We definitely recommend Graceland to anyone who comes through Memphis!!!"
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Use My Sky

"One of the (many) highlights of my visit to Memphis was the tour of Graceland. Elvis and rock and roll is what I grew up on. Needless to say, Graceland was a thrill for me to see.  An interesting monument to a fascinating singer."
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Urban Outfitters Blog

"Graceland!!! After a couple hundred miles, we finally reached the mecca of our pilgrimage, Elvis’s legendary abode in Memphis, Tennessee. The kitschy Southern Versailles lived up to all of the predictions that we rattled off in the car on our way there. We spent the whole day exploring the Graceland mansion, as well as many of the Elvis related tourist attractions..."
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Q's Daydream

"This past weekend Jonny and I made a trip to Memphis to visit Graceland for Elvis' 76th Birthday Celebration! It's something I've wanted to do forever and Jonny surprised me with this trip on Christmas. As many times as I've visited Graceland I've never been there to see the Christmas decorations, so that was also a real treat. Being that is was Elvis's birthday there were some of Elvis' costars there signing autographs! Jennifer Holden was in "Jailhouse Rock" with Elvis. She's still so gorgeous..."
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A Window To My Heart

"...Graceland mansion . The place was all decked out for Christmas. Funny to think this was my first time visiting. Loved it!"
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Our U.S. Music Roadtrip

"...We saw the piano room, the dining room, the kitchen, the so-called jungle room, and the basement TV room. Being an Elvis nut, I have read so many stories about events in all of these rooms and it was easy to imagine Elvis, Priscilla and the Memphis Mafia hanging out here."
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City Girl Cooks

"After spending about two hours in the guy's space it became clear it wasn't just his music that made him famous or his impeccable fashion choices. It was his ability to connect with his audience and his magnetic energy that brought millions to their knees. He broke every record for attendance and record sales because people just wanted to experience Elvis, a man who was true to himself and made his passion for living a lifestyle..."
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Gone to Swan

"Almost four years ago, myself and a group of friends headed south to go to New Orleans, and on the way, we made the pilgrimage to one of music’s must-sees: Graceland."
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Graceland BlogGraceland at

"While Elvis was not the first to combine black and white music influences, he was integral to the progression of rockabilly and eventually rock n’ roll music. Seeing his enormous effect on youth culture after WWII and the incredible mark he left on not only music but film culture was inspiring. I left Graceland with a much greater appreciation for Elvis and am looking forward to revisiting his earlier formative music."
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Graceland BlogCrazy Shenanigans

"Graceland was my main reason for going to Memphis. I've been a fan of Elvis's since I can remember. I heard his music and got into his movies when I was about 8 years old. One Christmas, I asked for anything and everything Elvis. In all my photos from Christmas morning, I'm holding Elvis t-shirts, water globes and elvis memorabilia. So to say that I waited a long time to finally get there, is an understatement!" 
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Graceland Blog100-Day Trip

"The home is, generally speaking, somewhat small. We expected it to be much larger, considering Elvis' status as the "king". More surprising was how close the home is to a major 4-lane roadway with non-stop traffic. You could literally stand on the sidewalk outside the short rock-wall fence (and next to the traffic) and see the front door. Makes you think Elvis really was a "down home boy."
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Graceland BlogGraceland: Mid Century Homes Open to the Public

"Continuing on the hunt for retro inspired Historic Homes you can visit I was reminded of Elvis Presley’s Graceland, located in Memphis, Tennessee. Of course I’d heard about this 14 acre white columned estate before, but I never could have imagined the lavishness (if that’s what you want to call it) in which Elvis decorated it."
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Graceland Blog25 Miles to Graceland

"Next we headed to Graceland and were amazed at the number of people we saw on a Wednesday afternoon. There was a steady flow of tour buses driving through the Graceland gates. Our tour made us realize that everyone has a story about Elvis. Whether you just love his music or can relate something in your life back to him, his influence has made an impact on the world. You can tell this just from seeing and hearing all the different nationalities that come to visit Graceland."
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Graceland BlogKicking at the Darkness

"Our youth group just returned from our Mission Trip to Memphis, TN where we worked with inner city children through Memphis Urban Ministry. We had an absolute blast serving these kids and I hope to share more pictures and stories throughout the week. One of the coolest things that happened to us this week was that we had an opportunity to be interviewed on Elvis Radio for SiriusXM while visiting Graceland. Big props to Morgan, one of my students, who captured the whole thing on video for us."
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Graceland BlogThe Wolfes

"For the past few months the girls have been begging to go visit Graceland. We finally made it there today. They really enjoyed it and so did I. I had been once but I was a teenager so it was fun to see it again. They looked all over for the pink Cadillac."
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Graceland BlogThe Hungry Wanderers

"These are the kinds of outfits I always imagined Elvis wearing. Yet, when you hear the interviews about his life, and you see the house, they somehow seem appropriate for him and not outlandish. He performed live in the early part of his career, along with being drafted and serving in the military. He met his wife, Pricilla, while serving. Then he moved to films. He performed in 31 films in 13 years. Do the math. That’s almost 2.5 movies per year, for 13 years! During this time, he really didn’t perform live."
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John Porcellino

"Elvis' Graceland home in Memphis is bordered along the street (Elvis Presley Boulevard) by a long fieldstone wall, which is now covered on every inch by constantly evolving graffiti. What follows is a gallery of some images I took during my visit in March." 
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Graceland Blog

Jason Moffatt

"I was keen on visiting Graceland and finding out more about the man that is so loved throughout this world. My mom and many of my girlfriends were huge admirers of The King. So, I figured I’d check out what it was that made these ladies go gaga over this guy. After taking the tour of Elvis Presley’s Graceland mansion, I have a deeper appreciation for the man and his contribution to the music world." 
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Little SteviesThe Little Stevies

The Little Stevies, a band from Melbourne, Australia, was "Goin' to Graceland" while they were in Memphis for the International Folk Alliance Conference. Founding members, sisters Sibylla and Bethany and their life-long friend Robin, are the offspring of two musical families whose members once formed part of an ARIA-winning pop band in the 1970s. Rounding out the group is friend and drummer Josh. The video blog about their trip to Memphis includes their cover of Paul Simon's "Graceland." 
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Graceland BlogLeVault

"Our first stop in Memphis was Graceland. I signed the wall outside Elvis' house and we took some photos in front of the property. This was Mike's third visit to the King's estate, but I on the other hand, was super excited to see it."
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Graceland BlogUWS Blondie

"... After brunch, we headed to Graceland. It was something on my Bucket/Life To Do list eventually. I underestimated how amazing it was going to really be. I was in awe of The King. The house is amazing. I loved it. The audio tour is great for cool little facts that I had no idea about..." 
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Graceland BlogBecause of Graceland

"...Saturday: took Kenya to Shelby Farms and enjoyed a beautiful morning outdoors, lunch at Young Avenue Deli, stopped to take pictures in front of Graceland, toured the National Civil Rights Museum, walked down Beale Street, went to the top of the Peabody Hotel, ate dinner at Huey's, enjoyed gluten-free brownies & ice cream for dessert, and happily laid down to sleep..." 
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Graceland BlogWon't You Be My Nabor

"On Labor Day I went with my parents to Graceland. I LOVED Elvis when I was a little girl!!! I had a couple posters and was obsessed with Elvis movies! All of my friends were not into that sort of thing - but I was. I think I get it from my Mom. I had been to Graceland 3 times before, the last time was when I was 19..." 
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Graceland BlogSo Far I've Gone…

"...and head for the Graceland box office before it closed. We got tickets for one of the last tours of the day and “experienced” the Elvis phenomena first hand. The tour was worth it just to see the 60s and 70s decorating and original furniture..." 
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Graceland BlogTenaciously Yours

"After touring Graceland, we came back to the guest center and toured the different exhibits. The newest was Elvis Lives and there was karaoke and a microphone. It just so happened that Will's favorite Elvis song, "Suspicious Minds" happened to be the song on, so he gave kareoke a whirl!" 
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Graceland BlogShabby Girl

"There is a cure for getting through tough times: Always have something to look forward to, whether it be a coffee stop, taking pretty pictures along the way... OR, a visit to GRACELAND...the home of my fave, Elvis Presley!" 
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Graceland BlogThe Rockstar Diaries

"we signed our names on the wall outside of elvis' home...we sort of really adored memphis, too." 
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Graceland BlogDreams of a Country Girl

"As we were on our trip to Oklahoma for a wedding, we drove through Memphis, TN. Please tell me the FIRST thing you think about when you hear MEMPHIS. Only one thing. And then someone in the car, who is never on any timeline or in a hurry at all...And that certain fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants someone was all like, "Hey let's go to Graceland! Sure it is a little out of the way and sure we will be late getting in and sure we have no clue exactly where it is, but I try to not think about all the details of life." 
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Graceland BlogHouse of Gordon

"This past weekend we all loaded up in the car and headed to Memphis... We wanted to get away from the house, cell phones, and everything else that ruins a person day at home. We decided to take the boys to Graceland. What a time we had!! It was so much fun."
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Graceland Bloghollandphotoarts

"On the way back from Dallas, we stopped briefly in Memphis because we had never been, and of course took in much of what was to see at Graceland, wandered around and got some great BBQ at Corky’s, and headed downtown for a short bit before leaving that night for home. Here are a few images from our afternoon there." Read more from the Hollandarts blog.