Planning Your Wedding

This beautiful chapel and its facilities offer everything you need for the perfect wedding for just the two of you or up to 50 friends and family. Our professional facilitators, experts at long distance planning, will help you create the wedding of your dreams.
Graceland Chapel


We want your wedding day to be as stress-free and special as we can possibly make it. That's why the Graceland Special Events team is ready to make as many arrangements as you desire, including coordinating the ceremony for you. Special services include arranging for photography, floral arrangements, the wedding cake, and a limousine to name a few. We're just a phone call away.


The Basic Package for Graceland’s Chapel in the Woods includes use of the Chapel for up to 1-1/2 hours, the Officiant, and 2 Platinum Tour tickets.

Monday – Thursday: $695.00
Fridays: $750.00
Saturdays: $795.00

$125.00 per hour for each additional hour of portion thereof over scheduled allotment time will be added, regardless of which day of the week the ceremony is held.

Rental includes use of the Bride's private dressing room, the Chapel's reception area and grounds, and up to a 15-minute photography session in front of the Mansion (excludes photographer's fees).

Rehearsals may be scheduled if you wish. However, they must be scheduled around other ceremonies at the discretion of the Special Events Department. Rehearsal charge is $125.00 per hour.

Dress Code

In order to maintain the sanctity of the Graceland wedding chapel and to respect the memory of Elvis Presley, Graceland must request that all attire reflect the dignity of the wedding day. If you have any doubts about what you plan to wear, please discuss your options with your Graceland Wedding Planner. Your understanding in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Gifts and FavorsChampagne Flutes

To accent your Graceland Wedding Experience, we offer a beautifully designed Marriage Certificate for you and your family to treasure for years to come. It comes ready for you to fill out in your own way, and frames handsomely. It can be added for $24.95+.

If you would like to "toast" the occasion, we offer an elegant set of gold rimmed Champagne Flutes featuring a gold inlay of the Chapel in the Woods logo. The flutes are priced at $32.95 plus tax for a set of two but the memories they hold will be priceless.

Candles are a popular addition to any wedding. Many of our couples have requested a Memory Candle to burn in honor of their loved ones who are unable to be with them, and sometimes in honor of the man who made Graceland famous, Elvis Presley. We have a lovely custom-made votive memory candle available for purchase for $9.95+.

Another lovely addition to a wedding ceremony is the use of a Unity Candle. A Unity Candle is symbolic of two lives coming together as one. It is a triple candle piece consisting of a large, ornate candle in the center and two tapered candles that represent each of your lives on either side. At the appropriate time during the ceremony, you both light the center candle together and extinguish your single candles. The lighting of the Unity Candle is a truly memorable moment during a ceremony. We have beautifully handcrafted “Chapel in the Woods” center candles available for purchase for $45.00+.

Graceland is also extremely proud to offer a collection of Elvis' most beautiful love songs in an Exclusive CD produced especially for the Chapel in the Woods. It is available only to couples who marry or renew their vows in the Chapel as a commemorative of their special day. Sure to be treasured for years to come, the CD may be purchased for $18.95+.

Webcast of your Wedding

Graceland's Chapel in the Woods offers you the unique opportunity to share your special moment with family and friends unable to attend the ceremony in Memphis by broadcasting the event over the internet with digital video and sound. This is an extremely affordable option for your wedding package. Family and friends will be able to watch as you exchange your vows online with the help of IdoStream, a provider of live webcasting for weddings and other special events. All your internet guests will need is a computer and high speed internet access to experience these treasured moments LIVE as they happen no matter where they are in the world. Graceland’s Chapel in the Woods offers a standard webcasting package that includes live streaming for up to 50 invitation-only simultaneous viewers, a password protected replay will be available for 90 days after the event, personalized e-vites, an online wedding guestbook, online chat and live technical support for those tuning into the event. Call Special Events at 800-238-2010 or 901-332-3322 for pricing.

Chapel Hours

For the most part, Graceland’s Chapel in the Woods is open six days a week, from 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. However, there are a few days in the year when the Elvis wedding chapel is open on a limited basis or is closed. Those days are as follows:
  • New Year’s Eve – Closed
  • New Year’s Day – Closed
  • Elvis’ Birthday, January 8 – Closed
  • Elvis Week – Limited Availability
  • August 15 – Limited Availability
  • August 16 – Closed
  • Thanksgiving Day – Closed
  • Christmas Eve – Closed
  • Christmas Day – Closed

It is important to note that we are unable to perform “spur of the moment” weddings. We do request a notice of at least 5 business days in order to coordinate and carry out your wishes. 

For more information on Graceland's Chapel in the Woods or to start planning your wedding, e-mail us at or call the Special Events Department at 1-800-238-2010 or 901-332-3322.