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July 26, 2013

Elvis Presley was famous for giving away Cadillacs, cash and jewelry, often on the spur of the moment. But, the true depth and breadth of his generosity and community involvement is not so widely known. Each year, for many years, Elvis gave $1,000 or more to each of 50 Memphis-area charities, but also continually made many other charitable donations in Memphis and around the country. Most of Elvis’ philanthropic endeavors received no publicity at all. Throughout his adult life, for friends, for family, and for total strangers, he quietly paid hospital bills, bought homes, supported families, paid off debts, and much more. This week's exclusive Insiders artifact is a check Elvis wrote in 1972 to the Sugar Ray Youth Fund, a charity started by famous boxer Sugar Ray Robinson.  Founded in 1969, the Foundation provides year-round program activities related to sports, fine arts and the performing arts. Robinson said, "By offering youth opportunities to express themselves through sports, artistic activities and cultural enrichment, we can get to the children who are not reached by other methods and help keep them out of trouble." Basic and PLUS Insiders can access this image by clicking on the MEDIA section in the Insiders Forum.

July 19, 2013

In July of 1970, Elvis began rehearsing for his upcoming August performances at the Las Vegas International Hotel. These rehearsals, along with his Summer Festival stage performances were captured on film resulting in his first documentary film "That's The Way It Is." After several years of not performing live, the film sheds light on Elvis' return to the stage and goes behind-the-scenes with the king inside the studio. Although most of the scenes are shot in the International Hotel, several rehearsal scenes shot in late July feature Elvis and his band at MGM Studios in Culver City, California. This week's Insiders exclusive features the rundown for filming one of these segments and Basic and PLUS Insiders can access this image by clicking on the MEDIA section in the Insiders Forum.

July 12, 2013

In July of 1963, Elvis, alongside Ann Margaret, filmed what would become one of his most famous films. On July 11, Elvis and Ann-Margret record three duets for "Viva Las Vegas," but only one of them, “The Lady Loves Me,” actually appeared in the final cut. The hit movie opened nationally in 1964 and climbed to #14 at the box office. By the end of the year, the romantic musical had reached #11 and outranked The Beatles “A Hard Day's Night,” becoming Elvis' highest grossing film ever. The week's exclusive Insiders artifact features a check written to the Hotel Sahara in July of 1963 when Elvis was filming "Viva Las Vegas." This week's Graceland exclusive features a rarely seen movie poster. Basic and Plus Insiders can view both images by clicking on the MEDIA section in the Insiders Forum.

July 4, 2013

This year marks the 45th anniversary of Elvis' legendary "'68 Special" and we recently celebrated with the recent video release of his "If I Can Dream" performance, as well as the "Official Elvis '68 Comeback" Fan Mosaic.  Fans can upload their photos for free by July 28 at FanMosaics.com/Elvis68. This extravagant entertainment special featured Elvis in some of his greatest and most memorable moments captured on video. Many experts claim that the '68 Special reignited Elvis' passion for live performances and was just the boost his career needed after a significant amount of time since his last live tour. This week's exclusive Insiders artifact features a Western Union telegram from NBC's Tom Sarnoff confirming the details of what would become the legendary "'68 special" with Elvis' manager Colonel Tom Parker. Basic and Plus Insiders can view this image by clicking on the MEDIA section in the Insiders Forum.

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