Hannah Gaynor
Hannah joined the Elvis Insiders in April of 2012. She has been a life-long fan and wants to bring her father to visit Graceland one day.

My love for Elvis started as far back as I can remember. Sometimes I think I was born wearing Blue Suede Shoes. I was so fortunate to grow up listening to his music. Both my parents are Elvis fans, so they raised my siblings and I on his music, as well as other great artists during Elvis’ time. Out of all the musicians we listened to, Elvis was and will always be my favorite. To this day, music is a huge part of my life and I’m always listening to it. I will listen to other artists occasionally but I always come back to our man E! I listen to Elvis while I’m getting ready for the day, in my car, at work, while I’m working outside, skiing and even when I’m helping brand calves. To me, Elvis’s music is everywhere. I have even started getting my nephews to listen to his music. I’m turning them into little Elvis fans! I'm so thankful for all of the films he did and concert videos so I get to see what everyone else got to. Even though, I’m sure there is no comparison to seeing it live!

I grew up in a divorced home and went through many difficult experiences. Thankfully, when my parents got divorced they both shared a commonality of love for music. No matter whose house I was at, we were always listening to music. Elvis’ music helped saved my life and some great childhood memories for me as well. One memory I have in particular is when we were at my Mom Laurie’s house. She would play Elvis’ greatest hits in the CD player and turn it up as loud as it would go while we were doing chores. No matter where you were in the house you could hear it. As you walked down the hall you could hear all of us singing as loud as we could along with the songs. We definitely did not sound good or on pitch by any means but we always had a blast. Elvis definitely made it much easier to do our chores. When we were done with our chores, if there was enough time left on the CD, we would go out into the living room and dance to his music doing our favorite Elvis moves.

My Dad Bill, however, is the key player in my love for Elvis. When I was growing up he would always sing Elvis to me and still does to this day. I have one specific and very special memory growing up of my Dad and Elvis. One night before he was getting ready to take me back to my Mom’s house, Can’t Help Falling In Love was playing throughout the house. Dad came into the living room where I was, grabbed my hands, started dancing with me and sang that song to me. I remember looking up at my Dad and feeling like the most special, beautiful, important little girl in the world. Ever since that moment, I always consider that Dad’s and my song. My Dad reminds me of Elvis, that’s one of the many reasons why I love Elvis so much. My Dad moves like him, changes the words to songs like Elvis, same facial expressions including the lip curl, etc. They are both very generous, loving people who never expect anything in return. Our family and friends in our community put on a huge Christmas Light Display every year for Christmas and we do Christmas Concerts. Well this year my Dad got up in front of everyone and sang two of my favorite Elvis Christmas songs for me, "Blue Christmas" and "If Every Day Was Like Christmas." The same feeling I had as a little girl came back when he sang those two songs for me. I’m so thankful my Dad loves Elvis and has given that part of my life to me.

It wasn’t until when I joined the Elvis Insiders in April 2012, that I really started to learn about Elvis through the different postings insiders were putting on the website. I now have an even greater fascination and love for Elvis after learning more about his life and who he is, other than just his music. The group of Insiders that we have are such wonderful people. It’s so nice to know there are people out there who love Elvis just as much as I do. We all share a common ground with one another that brings a special connection between us all. It’s something we don’t have to explain to each other because we all get it! I think that is what Elvis really wanted his music to do, was bring people together and take people to a place of freedom and peace, whatever that may be for each person. That’s what I would thank Elvis for today if he was still alive with us. I would thank him for bringing all kinds of people from all over the world together through him and his music. The reason why people love Elvis so much is because of how he made everyone feel. You could really feel that Elvis loved his fans and he wanted us all to feel special and know that he appreciated us.

I haven’t been able to go to Graceland yet but my prayer and hope is that my Dad and I will go soon. I would love to be able to surprise my dad if I can save up the funds and take him there. I would stand at the gates of Graceland and thank my Dad for my life and all that he has provided for me. If it weren’t for God, my Dad and Elvis, I wouldn’t have survived any of the things I went through as a child. They are the three most important beings in my life and it would be a dream come true if I could bring them all together at Graceland. Elvis’s music was one of the only things that brought peace to my spirit when I was away from my Dad. There is no one like Elvis and there will never be anyone like him. I’m so thankful that he shared with us who he is and his music. Everyday I listen to Elvis’s music and thank him and God for blessing my life. Hopefully Insiders, you will one day soon see a picture of my Dad and I standing at the gates of Graceland. What a glorious day that will be!

Like I always say “Elvis may have left the building but he will never leave my heart.”