Erika Bruni
Erika is an international Elvis fan who first visited Graceland during her trip to the 35th celebration this past August. Erika currently lives in Mexico City, Mexico, and hosts "Music Channel of Televisa."

I'm from Argentina and I currently live in Mexico City, Mexico. I first came to visit Graceland during the 35th celebration during Elvis Week 2012.

Although I'm only 25 years old, I'm a huge fan of Elvis Presley. After seven years of waiting, I finally arrived in Memphis on a sunny morning in August. My trip was not easy, considering I did not have vacation time. So I decided to sit down with my producer and ask the biggest favor of all.

"Please give me a week to make my dream come true and visit Graceland!"

I promised to document my vacation including the magical Candle Light Vigil and the 35th Anniversary Concert. She said OK! So I took my camera, my mic, my suitcase and a taxi to Mexico City's airport late at night and boarded the flight to my rock 'n' roll pilgrimage.

Over 75,000 people lined up outside of Graceland for 24 hours waiting to visit the  Meditation Garden. With thousands of candles lighting up the Memphis sky, fans sang along to Elvis tunes and reminisced about the King of Rock 'n' Roll.

Two things that particularly surprised me were how quiet and respectful people were inside of Graceland. Some cried, some prayed, and others just stood there out of respect for Elvis. My second surprise came when I arrived back at the Peabody Hotel and actually met Priscilla and Lisa Marie in person! We actually sat around and talked for quite some time.  

Woooow! I could go on and on about my experience during the 35th celebration. Watching the people in the street with their tributes - dancing and singing Elvis hits, plus seeing the live 35th Anniversary Concert featuring Elvis' beautiful music was truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I must admit, this was the BEST experience of my entire life.

Thank you Elvis fans for welcoming me. My experience was truly amazing and wonderful!