Johnnie Weehunt
Johnnie became a fan in 1956 and first visited Graceland in 1968. She has continued to make the rock 'n' roll pilgrimage through out the years.

I became an Elvis fan in the summer of 1956 while visiting a cousin and waking up one morning to a 78 record playing "I Want,You, I Need You, I Love You." From that moment on I was a fan of Elvis and of the song. I still love to hear it. At 15 years old, a friend and I braved the freezing cold temperatures to see Elvis first film "Love Me Tender." I had been a fan for quite sometime by this point. We arrived at a theatre in Fort Worth, Texas, at 5:00 a.m. and stood in line in 18 degree temperature for the theater to open at noon for the first showing.

My first time to enter the gates of Graceland was in 1968. If Elvis was not in residence at Graceland, fans were allowed to walk up the drive to the steps of the mansion and take pictures. I have made six trips to Graceland and attended the Birthday Celebration and Elvis Week for the first time with my niece in 2012. I look forward to my next trip and to see the ever-changing, interesting exhibits on display!  I absolutely love Graceland!

Johnnie Hanging with the Graceland Lion.

Johnnie enjoying a peanut butter banana sandwich inside RockaBilly's Diner at Graceland.

Johnnie stops by the Graceland Stables to visit with Tucker.

Johnnie at the Graceland Plaza.