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Download Elvis Music Now

July 12, 2010

Elvis fans around the US can now download their favorite Elvis songs and albums directly from Sony in high quality 320k MP3 files with excellent sound quality that can be used on any mp3 player.
To make it easier to find that exact song you are looking for, you can sort by title or release year or even break your search down by category of music. Every album on the site includes the cover from that album so it makes looking for and downloading Elvis music even more fun. Curious what others are downloading? You can check out the top ten most popular tracks and see how your favorites compare.

While the Elvis Presley Digital Music Store is only authorized to provide music downloads for consumers in the United States, fans in other countries should check their favorite digital service provider for music by Elvis Presley.

Visit the Elvis Presley Digital Music Store today and start building your digital Elvis music library.