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Featured Timeline Winner for August - Elvis Receives Jaycees Award for Ten Outstanding Young Men

August 04, 2010

The winning Elvis timeline milestone for August that Elvis fans voted as their number one favorite Elvis moment is #53 - Elvis receives an award as one of the Ten Oustanding Young Men of the Nation by the United States Junior Chamber of Commerce. 

Since 1939, the Junior Chamber of Commerce of America (widely referred to as "the Jaycees") has handed out awards to individuals, aged 35 years or younger, that they deem the most distinguished in their professional fields. It recognizes outstanding personal achievement and exemplified the opportunities available in free enterprise, along with patriotism, humanitarianism, and community service.

In 1970, Elvis was nominated for the award by former sherriff (and eventually Memphis Mayor), Bill Morris. Among the other nominees for 1970 were: Ronald Reagan's press secretary, Ron Ziegler; civil rights activist Tom Atkins; biophysicist Mario Cepecchi; and cancer researcher Dr. George Todaro, among others. Despite winning many awards during his career, those that were close to Elvis say that he considered this the most meaningful award he ever received. To say that Elvis was humbled by being nominated for this honor is an understatement. It represented Elvis' acceptance by his peers and proved that he was seen as more than just a pop culture phenomenon, but an outstanding humanitarian and entertainer as well.

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Facts About the Ten Outstanding Young Men Awards:

- Other famous names in history who have received the Jaycees award for Ten Outstanding Young Men include: John F. Kennedy, Leonard Bernstein, Orson Welles, Jesse Jackson and Henry Kissinger, just to name a few.

- Future United States President, George Bush, who was the current United Nations ambassador-appointee at the time, was the keynote speaker at the Jaycees luncheon on Saturday, January 16, 1971.

- In the 1980s, eligibility for the award was opened up to women, whereas it had previously only been awarded to men.

- After the Jaycees awards luncheon, Elvis hosted a reception at Graceland for award winners and Jaycee officials, featuring informal tours of the mansion given by Elvis himself.

- The Ten Outstanding Young Men award is widely considered to be the award Elvis personally treasured the most of any he received during his lifetime, and the only one that Elvis carried with him on almost all of his subsequent travels.

Other Current Events in 1971:

- President Nixon ended the U.S. trade embargo against China. 

- The 26th ammendment to the U.S. Constitution lowered the legal voting age to 18.

- Leader singer of The Doors, Jim Morrison, died in Paris at age 27.

- "Patton," produced by Frank McCarthy, won the Academy Award for Best Picture.

- "Bridge Over Troubled Water" by Simon and Garfunkel won a Grammy award for album of the year.