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Remembering John Lennon

December 08, 2010

For many music fans around the world, today is a heart-breaking anniversary. Thirty years ago John Lennon was shot to death in New York City.

Lennon's legacy lives on and his lasting influence on music and pop culture is felt every day. Fans remember him not only for his talent, but for his belief in peace for mankind.

On the 30th anniversary of his passing, we would like to share the little-known story of a great moment in rock 'n' roll history: when Elvis Presley met with The Beatles.

The Beatles visited for several hours with Elvis on August 27, 1965 at Elvis' home in California. John Lennon and Paul McCartney had both expressed a desire to try to meet with the King of Rock 'n' Roll when The Beatles first came to the U.S. in 1964, but schedules could not be aligned at that time. Towards the end of The Beatles’ ’65 tour, everything fell into place.

No photos were taken and no recordings were made at this meeting, but it did turn into an informal jam session. "The five biggest entertainers in the world were in one room, and there weren’t any ego problems at all" says Elvis' close friend Jerry Schilling, looking back on the night.  "Without ever talking about it, I think they all appreciated what the other had experienced, and there was nothing but respect there."

John Lennon famously said "Before Elvis, there was nothing." It's hard to imagine music today without Lennon's influence either.

(Photo: Associated Press)