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Iceland's First Elvis is Baptized

February 11, 2011

The Icelandic Committee on Human Names recently approved the name Elvis, and so Iceland’s first little Elvis was baptized on January 29. Elvis is actually the boy’s middle name; his full name is Theodór Elvis Ólafsson.

The baby's father, Ólafur Dadi Helgason, says he is an Elvis Presley fan and owns many of the king's albums. “It’s a cool name and maybe we’re honoring rock 'n' roll as well" says Helgason.

In Iceland, all human names must come from an approved list of names which conform to Icelandic grammar rules, among other criteria. The Committee on Human Names has concluded that the name Elvis cannot be used in the following ways: Elvis (nominative), Elvis (accusative), Elvisi (dative) and Elvisar (genitive).

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