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Budapest Names Park After Elvis Presley

April 27, 2011

Budapest's city council has approved a plan to name a small park after Elvis Presley in commemoration of Elvis' support for Hungary in the wake of the anti-Soviet revolution of October 1956.

Budapest's Mayor Istvan Tarlos told the Associated Press that a plot near the Margaret Bridge will be called Elvis Presley Park to honor the singer's "sincere sympathy" toward the short-lived uprising. The site in Buda, separated from Pest by the Danube River, was chosen by voters in an online poll on the city's website. Visitors could choose one of twelve locations to be renamed after the King of Rock 'n' Roll.

In March, Elvis was also declared a posthumous honorary citizen of Budapest, Hungary.

During his last appearance on "The Ed Sullivan Show" in January 1957, Elvis sang a gospel song called "Peace in Valley," which Sullivan said reflected the singer's interest in the Hungarians' plight.