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Elvis and Us Exhibit Taking Shape

October 04, 2011 (Updated)

Opening on October 5, 2011, 'Elvis and Us' is a unique exhibition that unites The Fab Four with the King of Rock 'n' Roll at The Beatles Story in Liverpool, England.

The exhibit features rare artifacts from the Graceland archives on display in the UK for the first time, including the shirt worn by Elvis in "Jailhouse Rock," telegrams from Colonel Parker and Elvis to Ed Sullivan, rare video footage from the earliest days of Elvis' career, and much more.

The exhibit is catching the attention of many people around the world, and photos of part of the exhibit can be seen online. Check out EXCLUSIVE photos of the finished exhibit at the Elvis and Us website as well as photos taken by BBC News.

Also be sure to view the Elvis and Us photo gallery to see all the photos of the exhibit as it was being built.

More pictures of the building of the exhibit will be posted in the days leading up to the exhibit opening so be sure to come back to check them out.


Posted: Tuesday, October 4

Here is a section of the exhibit dedicated to Elvis' 68' Comeback Special. On the wall is one of the guitars played during that special.


Along the wall to the left, guests will see the posters of the numerous movies Elvis starred in or headlined.


Posted: Monday, October 3

Here is the full shot of the pool table that both Elvis and The Beatles played on while at Elvis' home in Bel Air, California.


Seen here is the cover of the first album of The Beatles music that was released in the US. Many album covers of Elvis and The Beatles can be seen throughout the exhibit.


Posted: Friday, September 30

This jumpsuit, which was worn by Elvis, is one of many that is displayed on a rotating pedestal.


Posted: Thursday, September 29

Here is a close up of a jumpsuit worn by Elvis during a performance in Las Vegas as it is being prepared to be put into a display case.


Posted: Wednesday, September 28

Seen here is a ceiling to floor sized silhouette of Elvis from a still of his hit film "Jailhouse Rock."


Posted: Tuesday, September 27

During this part of the exhibit, guests will be able to view many interesting facts about Elvis.


Posted: Monday, September 26

At this part of the exhibit, guests will view the lyrics of "Can't Help Falling in Love," and the inspiring story behind Viva ELVIS.


Posted: Friday, September 23

Here is an image of Elvis after receiving the Jaycees Award in 1971. In addition, it also has the acceptance speech that he gave that night.


Posted: Thursday, September 22

Elvis is invading Britain and taking over a portion of the gift shop at The Beatles Story Museum. Staffers are preparing fixtures and filling the shelves with Elvis merchandise.


Posted: Wednesday, September 21

Still under construction, the Graceland Archives staff takes a quick tour of the rotating exhibit space at The Beatles Story Museum with staff members as the two groups prepare to transform the area into a showcase of Elvis' influence on the Liverpool natives and their musical career.


Posted: Tuesday, September 20

Exhibit designers from Scotland rush off to grab more materials during build-out of the ‘Elvis and Us’ exhibit area at The Beatles Story Museum in Liverpool. Here they pass by a large graphic photo collage wall that shows a young Elvis Presley early on during his rise to fame and photos 5 fab lads from Liverpool doing everything they can to look just like him.

Posted: Monday, September 19

The Elvis and Us exhibit at The Beatles Story Museum in Liverpool is starting to take shape in advance of a grand opening on October 5th.  Walls have been constructed in the exhibit space and graphic wraps are starting to go on top to help tell the story of Elvis and his influence on The Beatles.