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Ensure Elvis is Among Your Top Stories on Facebook

September 26, 2011

As you may know, there have been recent changes to Facebook in the way that users receive news and updates from friends. When you access your page you will now see “Top Stories” located at the top of your page above many other recent post. To ensure that you continue to receive the latest updates and news about Elvis Presley and Graceland, you will need to delegate Elvis Presley as a friend whom you would like to receive "Top Stories." To do this you will need to follow these four easy steps:

1. After you receive an update from us, click on the down pointing gray arrow located on the top right of any updates. This arrow will show up when you hover over our news/update.

2. Choose “Mark as Top Story.”

3. Ensure you have the message "This is now a top story. We'll try to put more stories like this at the top or your news feed."

4. Continue to comment, share and “like” the updates and news that are shared with you daily.