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BBC News Radio Details The Elvis and Beatles Encounter

October 12, 2011

As the Elvis and Us exhibit, a new exhibit that explores the influence of The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll on John Lennon and the early Beatles, opened earlier this week; media agencies from around the world have had much to say about this one of a kind showing. One of the most interesting broadcasts to date was recently played by BBC News World Service, where they covered exactly how Elvis and The Beatles meet and what happened at the meeting.

When asked, “What was it like when you and The Beatles arrived at Elvis’s house,” Tony Barrow, the Beatles press officer at the time states “the Beatles were trying to be cool about it all and make out that they were not sort of moved about it emotionally.”

Next Tony goes on to say, “at that time the Beatles biggest influence in music had been Elvis Presley, who had been in their mind, the king.”

Listen to the BBC News broadcast to hear other interesting facts about the encounter, and be sure to view the Elvis and Us photo gallery to see all the photos of the newly opened exhibit.

The Elvis and Us exhibit is open through 2012 at The Beatles Story in Liverpool, England, and is a must see for any Elvis or Beatles fan.