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“Elvis Presley - a Moment in Time, 4 Days in ’56” from the Follow That Dream Collectors Series

October 24, 2011

FTD moment in time

This 192-page book “Elvis Presley – A Moment in Time, 4 Days in ’56” from the Follow That Dream Collectors Series will be available on in the United States and through some international fan clubs in early December.

Author and producer Michael Rose has assembled a series of photos that present a stunning glimpse of Elvis’ life in 1956.

Through hundreds of photos, many which are previously unpublished, the book gives an inside look at Elvis at his concerts in Detroit, Columbus, Dayton and Memphis in May 1956. In addition to Rose’s exclusive interviews with many who attended the shows, the book also includes rare original newspaper clippings and lots of new information about Elvis during one of the most pivotal years in his career.

If you loved Sony’s new box set, “YOUNG MAN WITH THE BIG BEAT,” you’ll want to purchase a copy of this book as a companion to the collection. A few of the photos in the box set, including the front cover, actually came from the photo collection featured in this book.

The Follow That Dream Collector Series (FTD) is a program created by Sony and EPE that serves the dedicated collector of Elvis material. There are currently over 50 titles available with additional titles released several times each year. These releases include material ranging from multiple takes from Elvis’ studio sessions (much of it previously unreleased), previously unreleased concert recordings often referred to as soundboard recordings, and Elvis movie soundtracks with previously unreleased material. Additionally, the FTD Collector Series includes deleted RCA titles that have been re-released exclusively on the FTD label with bonus material, much of it previously unreleased.

The FTD series is a fascinating and historically important look into the development of Elvis as a musical artist and the evolution of his career. The material is not available through downloads and in the U.S. is available exclusively through the stores at Elvis Presley’s Graceland in Memphis and online through

A pre-order for “Elvis Presley - a Moment in Time, 4 Days in ’56” will be available through soon.