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Elvis Insiders Fan Spotlight

December 12, 2011

Elvis Insider: Mae
Forum Name: TCBmae
Hometown: Edmonton, Alberta, CA

Everyone knows me as 'the girl who was born in the wrong era'. "Do you know who Elvis is?" was the first question I'd ask the kids I'd meet at the park. He certainly isn't from my generation, but I can't remember a time when I didn't know who Elvis was. My parents' musical tastes highly influenced my childhood, and roadtrip soundtracks consisted of the King, the Beach Boys, the Big Bopper, Jerry Lee Lewis, and many others. I remember watching the 'Elvis: On Tour' videotape in amazement, wondering how someone so incredible could have ever actually lived. He was my first crush, my first craze, my first tattoo. As a singer-songwriter myself, I look up to him. Elvis is a timeless man in the history of America-- if not, the world. I will forever celebrate the life, the love, and the music Elvis left behind. LONG LIVE THE KING!

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