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New Book Details 1957 Summer Tour

January 18, 2012

The new book, "What Elvis Never Knew," recounts one woman's experience as an opening act for Elvis' 1957 East Coast summer tour.

Mercia Fiore was working as a secretary in Chicago when talent agent- Al Dvorin opened the door to what would prove to be a life changing experience.

"On this particular day, we got a phone call about needing a change in the opening act," Fiore said. "Mr. Dvorin had heard that I could sing, so he asked me to sing right then and there."

Fiore sang "Mr. Wonderful," a popular tune at the time, and landed the job as the opening act for Elvis' 1957 concert.

"I was on cloud nine when I landed in Georgia that next day!"

Despite his reputation as a wild one, Fiore quickly realized the often quaint and shy side of the King of Rock 'n' Roll.  She describes their relationship as strictly professional.

"The producer told the girls not to get close," Fiore said. "Otherwise we could lose our jobs. Elvis wanted to teach me how to dance, but I kept staying away. I didn't want to get fired."

Fiore's book portrays Elvis as a "very shy, polite young man" even when hounded by girls who would rip his clothes. As a memento of the tour, Fiore received an autographed photo of Presley that read, "To Mercia, love ya’ hon, enjoyed having you in the show."

"What Elvis Never Knew" is Fiore's fourth book and you can purchase your copy at Amazon.