News Item Launches New Fan Club Section

March 28, 2012

We are excited to announce a new fan club section for The new updated section features tools that will help Elvis fans find clubs in their area and throughout the world – as well as allows fan club presidents’ to share information about the charity work their clubs do and special club events.

Elvis fans can now see fan clubs in their area and contact fan clubs presidents who are currently accepting new members with the new fan club database. The database allows you to search for clubs by states and countries, in addition to other criteria you may be looking for in a club.

Paralleling Elvis' life, little is also known of the tremendous amount in which Elvis Presley Fan Clubs raise for charity. To help celebrate and continue Elvis' tradition, fan club members contribute their time, talents, energy, and weekends to put together fund-raisers to collect donations for the charity of their choice. Many of these donations along with their stories have been listed on in the fan club contribution section.

Also, Elvis fans can now easily access a calendar of events by simply going to the Fan Relations page on This calendar features all officially recognized fan club events, as well as other concerts, festivals and contests that are chapping around the world.  

Check out our new fan club section today!