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Tupelo to Construct Life-Size Statue of Elvis Presley

April 05, 2012

The Tupelo City Hall will soon be home to a statue of the most influential figure to ever be born there, Elvis Presley. The statue will be placed in the Fairpark District of Downtown Tupelo, site of Elvis’ 1956 homecoming concert and will depict the famous photograph known to fans all over the world as “the hands,” shot by Roger Marshutz.

Where the old fairgrounds stood, now stands the Fairpark District of Tupelo, which is home to City Hall. To replicate the fairgrounds’ stage experience, the statue will be placed on a 4-foot platform. The statue will have Elvis reaching down to where the audience would have been staging a great photo opportunity for fans to re-create one of the most iconic moments in rock and roll history. Taylor, Mississippi sculptor Bill Beckwith has been contracted to do the sculpting of the statue. Beckwith is known for his artistry on other statues including the William Faulkner statue on the square in Oxford, Mississippi and B.B. King in the B.B. King Museum in Indianola, Mississippi.

The statue is a joint effort of the Tupelo Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Tupelo Elvis Fan Club. Fans across the world will have the opportunity to purchase commemorative bricks around the statue and be part of capturing this iconic moment of rock and roll history.

The unveiling ceremony will be held August 9, 2012, to commemorate the 35 anniversary of Elvis Week. For more information on Tupelo, visit

photograph by Todd Nichols