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Justin Bieber and David Beckham Sport Elvis-Style Quiff

April 23, 2012

Looks like teen heart-throb Justin Beiber and soccer player David Beckham not only get attention from the ladies like Elvis, but are also sporting a similar hair-do like the King of Rock 'n' Roll.

The British website shows Bieber on stage with an adoring fan showing off his new Elvis-style quiff look. Bieber was even compared to the king when "The Voice" coach and country music star, Blake Shelton referred to Bieber as the modern day Elvis.

Shelton told, “I've never witnessed anything like that, its got to be similar to what happened with Elvis when he would come walking into a room. People screaming and crying, I literally looked at a group of girls that were in the audience and they were crying!”

Bieber is not the only one who's following in the footsteps of the king. David Beckham also prefers the Elvis-locks. In a photo shoot with Men's Health magazine, Beckham shows off his new "gravity-defying hairdo" inspired by Elvis.

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