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Sportscaster Craig Sager to Wear Elvis Fashion at the NBA Playoffs

May 02, 2012

A popular sportscaster is bringing Elvis' fashion to the court during this year's 2012 NBA playoffs. Tonight, when the Los Angeles Clippers face off with the Memphis Grizzlies, TBS and TNT commentator Craig Sager plans to wear a custom-made suit from Memphis' own Lanksy's - made with the same material Elvis wore for his "Jailhouse Rock" cover.

"I went and saw the Lansky Brothers, where Elvis used to get his clothes made. Turns out they still have the material that Elvis wore for his "Jailhouse Rock" cover — black with a pink hickory stripes and a black velvet collar," said Sager in an interview with Esquire.

According to Esquire, Sager, known for his bold and bright fashion, originally planned on wearing a Beale Street electric blue coat and even Memphis Grizzlie OJ Mayo encouraged he bring it. Once Sager visited the historic Lansky Brothers, he knew what he would be wearing.

"They're making that for me now, and I'm going to wear it on Wednesday. You couldn't wear that in any other city, but it's perfect for Memphis."

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