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Fans Dressed as Elvis to Pack Swansea City Liberty Stadium on Sunday

May 11, 2012

Call to fans to wear Elvis costumes begins at 3:42

Elvis is packing stadiums again, but this time it will be Swansea City Swan fans dressed as the king for their final game of the season. According to Metro UK, costume shop owners in Swansea City have reported a huge demand from fans wanting to be Elvis for a day.

Swansea City boss Brendan Rodgers told the press, "I will be asking all the fans if they can wear as many Elvis Presley costumes as we can because when we got promoted the bookies, said there was more chance of seeing Elvis Presley than us staying at this level."

“Elvis Presley was a great lover of sports and loved all sorts of athletics. He personally arranged many football games on the front lawn of Graceland. No doubt this Sunday’s match against Liverpool FC will be both a tribute to the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll as well as to the skill and tenacity of the Swans," said Scott Williams, Elvis Presley Enterprises Vice-President of Marketing and Media.  "All of us at Graceland wish good luck to everyone competing and hope everyone gets a chance for “a little less conversation and little more action!”

On Sunday, May 13, Swan Fans are expected to line up at the Whales Liberty Stadium in their finest Elvis attire after defying all expectations in their debut Premier League season.

"There has been a big demand for costumes, for wigs and for glasses, and it hasn't stopped," said costume shop owner Carol Guy.

Read more about Swansea City Swans Elvis take-over at Also, check out the YouTube video of the Swansea City boss calling on fans to pay tribute to the king.