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Letter to USA Today Points Out Elvis' Influence on The Beatles

June 15, 2012

Lifelong Elvis fan and performer Terry Mike Jeffrey recently wrote a letter to USA Today, responding to an article entitled "50 years later, we're still mad for The Beatles."

"Elvis was my hero and while I think it is appropriate to give The Beatles their deserved accolades, your article didn't give a single nod to Elvis," says Jeffrey in his letter to the editor.

Jeffrey addresses a quote from the article stating, "No other entertainers in history have been as popular, as influential, as important, or as groundbreaking as The Beatles."

Jeffrey, along with millions of Elvis fans, respectively disagrees. Jeffrey points out that The Beatles' often praise Elvis and how his groundbreaking legacy in the '50s set the stage for their very existence.

Jeffrey also talks about how both Elvis and The Beatles strongly influenced his life and his music. He also calls himself a devout fan of both and says both Elvis and The Beatles were "the two biggest things to ever happen to American pop culture and music."

Read Terry Mike Jeffrey's entire letter to the editor at the

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