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New Book Sheds Light on Elvis' Friendship with Actor Nick Adams

August 31, 2012

Order your autographed copy of "The Rebel and The King," the raw, unedited manuscript written by actor Nick Adams in 1956 about his Hollywood friendship with Elvis Presley, and receive a free autographed 8x10 photo of Elvis & Nick at

The new book details Nick's whirlwind eight days in Memphis with Elvis, during the famous singer’s Tupelo Homecoming the summer of '56. In 2012, Adam's daughter Allyson discovered the manuscript and decided to publish this lost tale of friendship.  

“I found my father’s story about Elvis to be the last glimpse of innocence before the end of an era. As soon as I read it, I knew I needed to share it with the world,” said Allyson Adams.

The two met while Elvis was filming his first movie, "Love Me Tender," in Hollywood. Nick was a struggling actor, part of the "Rebel Without A Cause" gang, and showed Elvis the town.

Allyson was a guest speaker during the Insiders Conference at Elvis Week 2012. During her visit, she shared details of the book with Insiders Conference host Tom Brown.

“I had no idea the extent of Nick’s connection to Elvis’ family and hometown. I think this is one of the most honest, touching and truthful books I’ve read about Elvis," said Brown.

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