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Wall Street Journal Focuses on Elvis' Last No. 1 Hit

August 31, 2012

The Wall Street Journal recently interviewed the two men primarily responsible for Elvis' last hit song and look at how an argument over rights almost cost the king his recording.

"I knew Elvis needed a mature rock 'n' roll song to bring him back," said singer and songwriter Mark James. "I thought of 'Suspicious Minds' and I began urging everyone to get Elvis to hear it."
In a new article published by the Wall Street Journal, James, who recently spoke at the Elvis Insiders Conference during Elvis Week 2012, and producer Chips Moman shared their stories about the day Elvis recorded "Suspicious Minds" at American Sound Studio. James explains the story behind the infamous lyrics of Elvis' 1969 smash hit and talks about how he felt the first time he heard Elvis' version.

"At first I thought it sounded too slow. But when I heard how it was embellished later, I was blown away," said James.

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