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The Rockabilly Queen Sits Down with the Wall Street Journal at Graceland

October 03, 2012

Get a glimpse of Elvis, with "sandy blonde hair" and "smoky and smoldering eyes" in the new Wall Street Journal article featuring the Queen of Rockabilly. Wanda Jackson sits down inside the king's home and shares her memories of touring and dating Elvis in the 1950s.

According to, Jackson walked into the Hawaiian-themed Jungle Room at Graceland with a loss for words.

"Everything that was fun about him is crystallized in this house. It's Elvis, but he's not here," said Jackson.

As a featured guest during Elvis Week, the rockabilly pioneer spoke with the Wall Street Journal about her upcoming album and her experience working with the King of Rock 'n' Roll.

"The kids were just loving it and loving him," she said. "We didn't call it rockabilly yet. We just called it 'Elvis' kind of music.'"

Jackson talks about how the two were first paired together on tour in 1956 and how Elvis' stage act influenced her style of music. She even shares details about how she got his diamond studded dinner ring and whether he was in fact a good kisser.

"Was he a good kisser? 'Yeah,' she said softly, dragging out the word. 'Had to be if I was going to go with him.' And what about that ring? 'Oh, I still have it.'"

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