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Elvis Named Cold War's "One-Man Special Force" by The Daily Beast

October 19, 2012

Featured in a recent article on the Daily Beast, author of the new book "How We Forget the Cold War" dedicates an entire section about Elvis' military service during the famous Berlin Crisis.

According to author Jon Wiener, "Elvis was the King of Rock 'n' Roll and the star of 33 Hollywood films, and he’s also America’s most famous Cold War veteran."

Wiener looks at Elvis' role in the conflict and how both the United States and Russia viewed his provocative image. Describing Elvis as a "one-man special force against the East Germans," Weiner suggests that the East Germans viewed him as a threat whereas the U.S. military felt they could use his appeal to their advantage. East Germany’s defense minister, Willi Stoph, declared Elvis’ music as "a means of seduction to make the youth ripe for atomic war."

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