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Photos of Elvis Filming "The Trouble With Girls" Added to Elvis Mobile Apps

October 30, 2012

In October of 1968, Elvis was wrapping up his film contract and starred in his 30th film, "The Trouble With Girls," alongside recent Elvis Week guest Marlyn Mason. The movie was released in 1969 and did not receive much critical success but was still a unusual shift for Elvis since he only appears in half of the film. The movie is based on the 1960 novel "Chautauqua." The film was originally named after the book but producers later changed the name in fear that people would not understand it or not be able to pronounce the name. On October 23, Elvis began recording the soundtrack and often performed in more natural situations, unlike previous films. "Clean Up Your Own Back Yard" was the only single released commercially which peaked at #35 on the Billboard Hot 100. Many of the other songs appeared on other albums later released in the '80s and '90s. In honor of Elvis' time filming "The Trouble With Girls," we've added five photos of Elvis on-set to our Elvis Mobile 2.0 iPhone appElvis Mobile 2.0 Android app, and Elvis for iPad app.

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